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David Hamilton and John G. Holmes Added to the Heritage Fund Wall of Fame

The Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology is pleased to announce that David Hamilton and John G. Holmes have been added to the Heritage Fund Wall of Fame. Professors Hamilton and Holmes have made innumerable important contributions to our discipline. We are grateful for their contributions to the field, and to their colleagues and students, whose generous donations made this installation possible.
The Heritage Fund Initiative was instituted to honor the legacy of our field's most important scholars, by providing a link between generations in personality and social psychology. Ten scholars have been honored to date and we expect the list to grow. Funds raised to honor the members of the Heritage Wall of Fame are used to endow a program of dissertation research grants. (The first cycle of grant funding is currently underway.) Information is available online here.
Additional donations to the Heritage program can be made through the SPSP secure donation portal, click here to donate. Please indicate in the comment box that your donation is meant for the Foundation Heritage program, and note which scholar (if any) your donation is intended to honor.
If you have a scholar you believe would be appropriate to honor on the Heritage Wall of Fame, please contact the President of the Foundation, Harry Reis (