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Credit: SPSP
SAGE Young Scholars Recipients Engaging in Research

July 23, 2014
-- Five recipients of the SAGE Young Scholars Award, which is supported by a generous donation from SAGE Publications, are putting their $5,000 grants to use in the field of personality and social psychology. The recipients spoke with SPSP about their current research projects that are supported in-part by the award.

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Credit: Rimma Teper
Why Do We Mispredict? Exploring the Mechanisms of Affective & Behavioral Forecasting

July 16, 2014
-- Not only are we motivated to understand our experiences and emotions, we also happen to think that we are pretty accurate in our own self-views. But how well do we really know ourselves? A symposium at APS last month chaired by Rimma Teper focused on a very specific aspect of self-knowledge, namely affective and behavioral forecasting-- an area of research that tests how effective people are at predicting their emotions and behaviors.

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Credit: Adam Pazda
Do Women Perceive Other Women in Red as More Sexually Receptive?

July 11, 2014
-- Women are more likely to wear a red shirt when they are expecting to meet an attractive man, relative to an unattractive man or a woman. But do women view other women in red as being more sexually receptive? And would that result in a woman guarding her mate against a woman in red? A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin sought to answer these questions.

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Credit: Sanford Devoe
Fast Food and Impatience: Can Where You Live Affect Your Emotional and Financial Well-Being?

July 9, 2014
-- Sanford DeVoe discusses how fast food can contribute to increasing impatience and may undermine our emotional well-being on SPSP's blog. Researchers observed that fast food spurred participants to hurry through reading a paragraph describing their city, express a greater desire for time-saving products, and exhibit a diminished ability to savor (e.g., happiness derived from gazing at pictures of natural beauty).

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Credit: Simo Bogdanovic/Alamy
Physics envy: Do ‘hard’ sciences hold the solution to the replication crisis in psychology?

July 3, 2014
-- Chris Chambers, a senior research fellow in cognitive neuroscience at Cardiff University, discusses the replication crisis in the field of psychology on SPSP's blog. Chris investigates questions such as, how do scientists in more mature fields view the current replication drive in psychology? Is the attempt to replicate in their fields ever regarded as an act of implied aggression?

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