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2015 Annual Convention Videos

Image of "Welcome to the SPSP 16th Annual Convention" sign


Opening Session and Presidential Plenary: Cultivating the Relevance of Social and Personality Psychology for Science, Policy, and the Average Person


The Politics of Inequality and the Inequality of Politics

- Subjective Socioeconomic Status Shapes Political Preferences
- The Undervalued Self: Social Class Rank and Political Action
- The Tolerance of Inequality: Psychological Needs for Control and Social Hierarchies

Personality and Place: New Perspectives on Person-Environment Links

- Regional Differences in Subjective Well-Being
- Introverts Like Mountains
- City-Slicker or Southern Belle?: Person-City Fit and Self-Esteem
- Characterizing the Psychological Features of Physical Spaces



Academic and Non-Academic Jobs for Social-Personality Psychologists (preconference)


The Joy of Giving Our Science Away

- Data into Stories: How I Learned to Love Social Psychology
- Sharing Social Psychology with the Public: What I've Learned and How it Changed My Perspective on our Science
- On Writing Psychological Science: Some Lessons Learned
- The Ethics of Giving Psychology Away: Scientists' Contributions to the Marketplace of Ideas

The Future of Personality and Social Psychology

- Going Big: The Future of Discovery in Social-Personality Psychology
- Trending Toward Marginal?: Securing and Advancing Progress in the Practice of Psychological Science
- Towards a Predictive Science
- Confessions of a Replicator

What Makes for Effective Intergroup Bias Reduction? How to Create Change that Matters

- Contextual and Motivational Influences for Reducing Intergroup Bias
- Is Conditioning Enough? The Importance of Raising Awareness & Teaching Self-Regulation for Reducing Intergroup Bias
- A Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Change Implicit Bias
- A Research Contest for Reducing Implicit Prejudice 



Economic Inequality, Income Mobility, and Well-Being

- How Much (More) Should CEOs Make?: A Universal Desire for More Equal Pay
- Building a More Mobile America - One Income Quintile at a Time
- Belief in High Social Mobility and Emotional Well-Being