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Job Search - Resources

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Members share the resources they found most helpful during job searches, including advisors, mentors, graduate students, job boards, career sites, books, and more. Check out their advice below.



  • “In terms of guidance and advice through the process the most useful resource is your primary advisor and other mentors. Also people who have recently been on the job market.”
  • “Your advisor and other faculty who are willing to share materials”
  • “Mentors are a huge resource in academic job searching (at least for postdocs). Have multiple mentors at multiple universities who will keep their eyes peeled for you.”
  • “There are all sorts of blogs, but honestly I got the best advice from prior graduate students in my program. They were willing to share materials, which helped tremendously.”
  • “Supportive colleagues.”
  •  “Networking”
  • “It seems that knowing people (personal connections, even if indirect) can be key.”

Books, websites and more

  • “In terms of finding a job posting the psych job wiki, APS job board, SPSP job board, APA job board.”
  • Websites: Psych jobs wiki, The Professor is in, SPSP career site, APS, Chronicles of Higher Ed, and Vitae
  • “The Chronicle of Higher Education has a forum section where loads of people from all different fields post questions about the job search and can get answers from faculty members who've been through it already and who may serve on search committees at their own institutions. I never actually posted a question, but I read through a lot of their archive of past questions and learned a lot of useful info!”
  • “Listservs, and others who know your interests and forward you listserv job postings you might not get otherwise.”
  • “The best source of advice I found came from the book titled, "The Professor Is In." This book provided practical information about job materials and the interview process. I also relied on my mentor for advice, however he had not been on the job market in over 20 years so I felt his advice was a little unrealistic.”
  • “The psych job wiki is very useful. I also found the website 'The Professor is In' to be handy in terms of tips and laying out the process.”
  •  “The Wiki is good for finding actual positions, but prepping materials is most informed by workshops and/or panels at conferences”