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Code of Conduct

The SPSP convention is the single largest and most important activity that we engage in as a society. Our top priority is to provide a convention environment that is intellectually and professionally welcoming to all our members and free of harassment of any kind.

To ensure our members have such experiences, in 2015 the SPSP Board of Directors released a Code of Conduct to which all attendees of the SPSP convention must adhere. The Code identifies expected behavior, makes clear what behaviors are unacceptable, and specifies the consequences of unacceptable behavior. All convention attendees agree to the Code of Conduct when registering for the convention. If you haven't read the SPSP Code of Conduct, please do so now.

Since implementing the Code two years ago, SPSP leadership has investigated and dealt with every one of the handful of concerns raised by members regarding the behavior of others at the convention. But our goal is a completely harassment–free convention, and we encourage members to report any convention concerns they may have, and to know that we will investigate and deal with any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior that violates the Code of Conduct.

We all share the responsibility to maintain the kind of convention climate of which we can all be proud. Our goal is to keep the SPSP annual convention a safe and welcoming place for all attendees. We count on and appreciate your help in supporting these efforts.


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Diane Mackie,
2017 SPSP President

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