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Silly couple riding bikes in a funny way

Washington, DC - Timing is everything, goes a popular phrase, and this is also true for relationships. As Valentine’s Day approaches, social psychologists from Purdue University offer new research showing that a person’s commitment readiness is a good predictor of relationship success.


In late Spring, many of you participated in the SPSP climate survey so we could learn more about your experiences at SPSP conferences, as well as SPSP sponsored events (e.g., SISPP). Thank you to all those who participated. We are very grateful.

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Two old men great each other...on a chess board.

In navigating the world, we need to determine who are our friends and foes, and who can we trust to be our allies and who should we stay away from. To do this effectively, we rely on various cues either from the environment or the person with whom we interact with.

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