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Sep 05, 2019 Hunter-gatherers Agree on What is Moral, but not Who is Moral

Morality plays a role in everyday lives, from interactions with friends and strangers, to political views and social influences.


Aug 19, 2019 Facts and Stories: Great Stories Undermine Strong Facts

Washington, DC - Some research shows facts are better received when presented on their own. Other studies show facts are more accepted when interwoven with stories; stories can help bridge emotional connections.


Character and Context Blog

Sep 16, 2019 It’s a Meaningful Life: The Surprising Existential Benefits of Self-control

by Olga Stavrova and Michail Kokkoris

Having self-control not only promotes physical health and life satisfaction, it can foster a sense of meaning in life.


Sep 13, 2019 What is the Amygdala, and What Does it Have to do with Helping?

by Abigail Marsh

A big clue to how helpful you are may be found in an ancient mammalian brain area known as the amygdala.


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    "[living kidney donor] altruists’ amygdalas are larger than usual and more active than average in response to the s…
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    Non Academic Careers: Is a non-academic life for me? It's the topic of the next SPSP Webinar September 25th! Free f…
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    "video games were eight times more likely to be mentioned when the shooting occurred at a school and the perpetrato…


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