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Emotionally stable people spend more during the holidays, according to new study

Comparing the spending habits and personality traits of over 2100 people over the Christmas season, personality psychology researchers found significant relationships between spending amounts...


Strategic Indulgence Key to Maximizing the College Experience

Students who are focused on long term goals maximize their college experience by engaging in “strategic indulgence,” according to new research being published in...


Character and Context Blog

The Development of Own-Race Advantage in Infants and Children Reflects a Natural Outcome of Perceptual Learning

People are remarkable at processing human faces. In a split second, one can recognize a person’s gender, race, or emotions. However, this expertise only works...


Psychology News Roundup: ICYMI November 9, 2018

A busy news week means relevant material ahead; read what you may have missed online.

Recently in the news, written a post, or have...


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    A busy news week means relevant material ahead; read what you may have missed online. Psychology News Roundup: ICYM… https://t.co/AgF8yBIFZp


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