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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my dues?


SPSP dues are annual ones, based on the calendar year, and so membership expires on December 31. However, like many scientific societies (SESP, APA) we begin our collection of dues for each year in the fall.

The easiest way to pay your dues is to use the secure, encrypted portal built into the webpages. If your membership has expired, when you log in you will be ushered directly to the dues payment portal. But you can also pay your dues, after you log in, by clicking "Membership Info" on the right side of the page. This link opens to our secure socket layer (SSL) Dues Renewal e-commerce site. For more information about the process, please visit our Dues Payment Information Page.

If you prefer to pay by check, you can also print the SPSP Dues Form and follow its instructions for paying your dues. And if you have any trouble use the "contact us" tool at the top of the page to let us know how we can help.

Your SPSP dues can also be securely processed online by another person, if desired. Simply send an email to including your name, the number of renewal years to be paid, and the email address of the person who will process the payment. We will email an invoice link to your credit card information entry screen, and we will send you a receipt verifying that the dues have been paid. 

I need to make a change to my membership information (e.g., I've moved, or no longer want hard copies of journals). How do I notify you?


The membership data base is self-service. If you wish to make a change to your records, such as a change in your email address, mailing address, journal preference, or update your publications list, then log into your account at and make the change. If you have forgotten your log in credentials, use the "contact us” box or the "forgot password” tools on that site to request your credentials.

I think I'm a member, but I can't log in successfully. What should I do?


For most log-in problems, all you need to do is click the "Forgot your password?" link under the Sign In icon and the system will send you directions for resetting your credentials. Be sure the new information does not get relegated to your SPAM folder.

If the SPSP page continues to deny you access or the reset-email does not arrive in a minute or two, please try this troubleshooter:

  1. Try the ""Forgot Password" button one more time. Be certain to type in your SPSP user ID correctly when you ask for new credentials. The "Forgot Username/Password" tool does not warn you if the UserID you enter is not in its database.So, if you forget your userID, you should just go ahead and use the "contact us" box and let us reset it (we respond within 24 hours in most cases).
  2. Close your browser and reopen it. Direct your browser to WWW.SPSP.ORG and try to enter your credentials again. Be sure that pop-up/redirects are not blocked.
  3. If your dues are not paid up in full, the system will not let you log-in until you have updated your account.
  4. If you do everything just right, and still can't enter the system, then please get in touch using the "contact us" form at the top of the main page. We will first check your records, to see if your email address in SPSP matches the one you send in the contact form. Then we will send you the reset instructions to the email you give us in the "contact" form. We can also manually reset you username and password, and send you an email with that new information. We will respond to your request as soon as we can.


How do I get to the Society's journals? When I go to the Sage PSPB site, it asks for a User Id and denies me access. is linked to the Society's journal archives at Sage. Members should click on the Publications tab and then the "access to journals" tab (the first option in the pull-down menu).

If the SAGE page denied you access, please try to correct the problem with this troubleshooter:

  1. Close all browsers.
  2. Open your browser and navigate to by typing in the address. Do not use a link from another page.
  3. Log in, do not use Facebook credentials.
  4. After you log in click "access to journals” which is choice #1 in the Publications pull-down menu.
  5. The second click is the journal of your choice.
  6. When that page opens, in small type at the top you should see "Institution: Society for Personality and Social Psychology”. You do not need to sign into SAGE unless you want to use their functionalities.
  7. If you do not see that message, change browsers and try again. In some cases IE and Sahara have protection settings set so high that the permission is blocked.

If you continue to have difficulties, please click the "contact us" box on the top of the page and report the problem. Mention that you did the recommended troubleshooting steps, but that the fix failed (otherwise, we will probably just send you this list of steps, assuming that you did not track them down on this FAQ page). The more details you can provide the better. We have not been able to replicate this problem, but it has been reported by several users.

When I set up my "preferences,” I don’t understand some of the choices. For example, what is the Forum Newsletter and should I uncheck the subscribe box?


The site has a number of features and functionalities, which you can discover and use by exploring the site. Some of the less obvious features include:

  • Connections: you can link to specific people in the membership by visiting their profile, and clicking the Connect icon. The individual must accept the connection. This feature is similar to friending a person in Facebook. (Find potential connections using the member search feature).
  • Forums: The forums are web-based discussion areas. They are designed to replace the existing listserve discussion/announcement emails. You can set your preferences for forum messages directly on the forum page, and on your preferences page (under Newsletters).
  • Favorites: Most pages on the site have a star on them. If you click the star, you can add the page to your list of favorites. This feature functions like a bookmark in a web browser.

Remember, you can edit your preferences at any time, so any change you make can be reversed by you at any time. So, you can experiment with the settings.

How do I upload a profile picture? How do I reset my User Name and Password?


To add your picture, please click the Profile Home tab to upload a head shot for display on your profile page. You do that at the Profile Home page by clicking the "add photo" box above the generic no-photo image.

To change your password, please click the Manage Profile tab and then the Edit Bio icon. Then, click the word "change" on the Password line.

When does my membership expire?


Memberships last the calendar year, from January to December. So that you receive all the benefits of membership it is important to pay your dues by December 1, at the latest.

Is there a way to search for members of the SPSP website?

You can conduct "people" searches by name, in the main search box. Also, if you want to generate a directory of members or find members who have certain qualities, use the "member search” function on the top menu ribbon. All public content on the SPSP site (member profile pages, organizational documents, forum discussions) is indexed and so can searched using the site's search box located on the right side of the site pages.

How do I stop getting emails from the system every time someone changes their profile or joins a group I belong to?


The website is a social networking and information sharing site. As a member, you have joined a network of other personality and social psychologists. has some automated features, such as newletters and emails updating you about what other members are doing.

You can control, completely, these messages by going to your "manage profile” area under your My Profile box on the right side of all screens and making adjustments. The Preferences box there gives you all your options. Checking the box next to a specific preference turns the preference "on." Uncheck the box next to the "Email me when someone in one of my groups updates their profile” to stop receiving those notices.

I would like to receive email messages from the SPSP-Discussion (or announce) list. This is the list that was sent out every couple of days to subscribers, and contained announcements, discussion topics, and so on. How do I make sure I am still subscribed? I can’t find that box in the "preferences” in my profile.


The "forum” pages have replaced the email listserve system. You can have the messages posted in the forums sent to whatever email account you have registered with as they are posted by setting your preferences to "instant updates” when you subscribe to the forum. You can also receive digests of the messages in by subscribing to the "digest” of the forum or by turning on the "Forum newsletter” feature in your preferences. See the FAQ page for Forums for more information.
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