Connect: A New Way to Get Involved
SPSP is excited to announce the launch of SPSP Connect, a new, specialized tool to facilitate discussions, share ideas, and create networking opportunities...
Division 8 APA Convention Program Released
The annual convention of the American Psychological Association will take place in Toronto, Canada, August 6 to 9, 2015...
Men may feel more threatened by female bosses, research finds
Men may feel threatened by female supervisors and act more assertively toward them than male bosses, which could disrupt the workplace with strug

Powerful people are quick to notice injustice when they are victimized, research finds
Powerful people respond quickly to unfair treatment when they are the victims, but they are less likely to notice injustice when they benefit or

A ‘Forest Instead of the Trees’ Viewpoint May Motivate Change after Negative Feedback

Negative feedback can sting, but thinking about the big picture may help transform criticism into positive change, according to new research publis

Member Spotlight

Eli Finkel, Ph.D.

Professor, Northwestern University

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    Folk wisdom says it’s lonely at the top, but research research suggests that power might help stave off loneliness ->
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    Facebook combats bias with training -> via @usatoday
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    RT @SAGECQPolitics: Study investigates whether two social motive themes—power and affiliation—vary by political ideology @SPSPnews http://…


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