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gender gap

Personality and Social Psychology’s Hidden Gender Gap

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By Adam Brown

Do you think that there are more women receiving degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) than men? Moreover, if the numbers were equal, do you think that men and women would achieve the same levels of scholarly participation and success in STEM fields? Now, consider the same two questions, but this time for the field of personality and social psychology rather than STEM.

Gender Segregation: A Matter of Personal Choice or Gender Stereotypes?

A group of girls work on a computer task together

Why are some careers still segregated by gender? Given the political and social equality women have achieved, it is surprising that that there are still so few women in science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM), and other high-earning positions. On the surface, this discrepancy suggests that men and women are simply better suited for, and want to work in different fields.

The Role of Ability Beliefs in Academic Gender Gaps

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By Andrei Cimpian

The decision to pursue a career rests in part on how we judge the following inequality: