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The Psychology of Raising the Minimum Wage

Wordmap of minimum wage

By David Nussbaum

Barry Schwartz discusses the psychology of anchoring in Slate and how raising the minimum wage would affect other wages as well.

Why Belief in the Supernatural is Only Natural

Image of Tarot cards

By Lisa M.P. Munoz

“Collect seven red apples directly from an apple tree. In the morning, before eating anything, peel the apples, eat them and save the peel. Right before going to bed, make a tea with the peel.” 
– Brazilian remedy for quitting smoking

The Need for Power in Psychology

Image of young girl in a cape and mask pretending to be a superhero

By David Nussbaum

Two wonderful blog posts this week that you won’t want to miss if you’re interested in questions of statistical power in personality and social psychology. In the first, Simine Vazire (@siminevazire) argues that sample sizes can’t be too large:

you can’t have too large a sample.  there is no ‘double-edged sword’.  there are no downsides to a large sample.  more evidence is always better, and larger samples = more evidence.


Side silhouette of a dark head with a white head silhouette inside, projecting vision from the eyes

By Dave Nussbaum

Recruiting Analysts and Co-Authors for a Crowdsourcing Project

Image of a male and female scientist presenting a beaker and molecular structure
By Emily Robinson
What happens when multiple independent analysts test the same hypothesis on the same dataset? Do they come up with the same results, or are the results heavily contingent on the specific analytic strategy chosen? If you’re interested in being a part of finding out, you can sign up here to be a data analyst and co-author on our collaborative crowdsourcing project.