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Seen Around SPSP 2014, Austin

The SPSP 2014 conference is in full swing in Austin. Check out these photos and see the full album on our Facebook page. And keep up with news coverage of the conference online.



Big Data Revolution

Illustration of a bird delivering a piece of mail

By Lisa P. Munoz

Want to predict postpartum depression? Or to learn about how people cope with traumas? How about testing how often people think twice before sharing something potentially embarrassing? Social media and new technology are providing new ways to explore these many diverse areas of research.

SPSP 2014 In the News

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Read press coverage of the 15th Annual SPSP Annual Meeting in Austin (last updated March 10, 2014). Original press releases are available in the SPSP 2014 Press Room:

Social media research raises privacy and ethics issues, USA Today, March 8, 2014

Moral Character at SPSP 2014

Wordmap of ethics

By Dave Nussbaum

The study of moral character is alive and well, as Erik Helzer describes in this preview of two symposia at SPSP 2014 in Austin…

Moral character: We all talk about it, but in recent years the study of character has dwindled within the field of moral psychology. At this year’s SPSP, not one, but two, symposia will present brand new research that reinvigorates the study of character, calling for a return to the study of moral traits as powerful determinants of moral and immoral deeds.

The Center for Open Science at SPSP

Illustration of science-related materials

By Dave Nussbaum

The Center for Open Science came to Austin to talk about open science and how it can simplify researchers’ lives. COS Project Coordinator Johanna Cohoon, reports…

The Center for Open Science (COS) returned home after SPSP with considerably lighter luggage. We spent our time in Austin spreading the message of open science, both vocally and sartorially, diminishing our t-shirt stock and building enthusiasm for practical ways to adopt transparent practices.

Judgment and Decision Making in the Wild

Image of a confused woman with wavy-lined arrows emanating from her body

By Kaushal Addanki

Real-world applicability was a common theme in this year’s Judgment and Decision Making Preconference at SPSP 2014.  Prominent researchers gathered to discuss exciting new findings in a variety of practical, down-to-earth domains, including hand hygiene compliance in hospitals and perceptions of drafting skill in the National Football League.  Three of the twelve presentations given at the preconference are reviewed below.

Love (and emotion) is in the air at SPSP 2014.

Image of a happy couple looking at their hands forming a heart

By Joshua Buchanan

We all know that our emotions can influence what we pay attention to – just think, if you are angry, you might pay more attention to the driver who just cut you off than the music playing on the radio, and vice versa if you are happy. But what about the reverse? At the SPSP meeting in Austin, researchers took a novel look at whether attention can drive our emotions.


Mighty Oaks from Little (Psychological) Acorns Grow

Image of a hand placing a red domino in the middle of a line of black dominos

By Kody Manke and Kevin Binning

Kody Manke and Kevin Binning discuss new research on psychological interventions that have long lasting effects.

Historically, the field of social psychology made its mark by showing that social influences can have surprisingly powerful effects. By manipulating some small aspect of the social situation, psychologists in traditions such as cognitive dissonance theory and social compliance documented effects on behavior that were much stronger and larger than most people would have assumed.