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NEW: Fall 2017 Op-Ed Training Grant

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SPSP believes it's important for personality and social psychologists to be a part of the public discourse. In our tumultuous times, we need more voices positioned to respond to critical issues related to our science. In this light, SPSP will sponsor ten Op-Ed Training Grants to attend the OpEd Project seminar "Write to Change the World." The OpEd Project’s mission is to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world. Registration and up to $200 in travel expenses will be provided to recipients.

All SPSP members are eligible for consideration. Recipients are expected to attend a Fall 2017 seminar and to work with SPSP’s press office to place on Op-Ed within six months of their completed training.

Application deadline: September 8, 2017


Linda Skitka, PhD
Member-at-Large for Outreach & Advocacy

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