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Selfie time: Nicholas Rule, associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Social Perception and Cognition at U of T with postdoctoral researcher, Daniel Re
When University of Toronto psychologist Daniel Re set out to study the habits of selfie-takers on social media, no amount of overestimation could have prepared him for the high opinions people seem to have of themselves online.
A business person stands in the bakground, thier hand up, as if refusing to accept a large amount of money that is visible in front of them.
Focusing the powerful to think about how they should behave may serve as a potential form of “preventative medicine” against the abuse of power.
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A recent social psychology study shines a light on how cultural differences affect what voters judge and value most in the facial appearance of potential leaders.
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Psychologists uncover a list of characteristics shared across cultures in North America that shape today’s prototypical vision of “wisdom.”
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Giving something personal increases people’s self-perception of generosity and commitment to charitable causes.
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Study shows how believers can perceive evidence for their religious conviction via deliberate and rational cognitive processes.