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Dr. Walter Mischel Named SPSP Legacy Honoree

Image of Walter Mischel and the cover of his book, The Marshmallow Test

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Society of Personality and Social Psychology is pleased to announce Walter Mischel as the 2016 SPSP Convention Legacy honoree. Mischel is the recipient of the first Legacy recognition, which is designed to honor luminary figures in social and personality psychology.

Mischel has been a leading voice in psychological science since the beginning of his long career. His work on personality and situations as causes of human behavior has been sometimes controversial, and always innovative. His sustained scholarship in this area has led to new ways to understand the person and the situation, and new ways to think about stability and change.

Equally transformative has been Mischel’s work on the psychology of self-control. This work helped put the mysterious notion of “willpower” on firm empirical ground. It has inspired generations of researchers who are daily breaking new ground in understanding self-control and the delay of gratification. Mischel’s legacy continues to shape the way we talk about fundamental human concerns, from crime and punishment, to drug addiction, to career success and educational achievement.  

Mischel will be honored at the 2016 SPSP Convention in San Diego. A special symposium is being organized that will include work building on Mischel’s contributions. Mischel will participate in the symposium, as well as be the honoree at a luncheon. Finally, any poster presentation that builds on Mischel’s work will be recognized onsite and will display a Legacy badge.


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