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An image of a group of presents wrapped in red and gold
Gift exchanges can reveal how people think about others, what they value and enjoy, and how they build and maintain relationships.
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There has been a growing concern that modern society is increasingly lonely.
Emotions are powerful motivators of human behavior and attitudes. Emotions also play an important role in guiding policy support in conflict and other political contexts.
An image of two women whispering to one another
Gossip is pervasive in our society, and our penchant for gossip can be found in most of our everyday conversations. Why are individuals interested in hearing gossip about others’ achievements and failures?
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Empathy is typically seen as eliciting warmth and compassion—a generally positive state that makes people do good things to others. However, empathy may also motivate aggression on behalf of the vulnerable other.
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Researchers at Utrecht University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute collaborated on a meta-analysis of research on adolescent sexual behavior.