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Mar 08, 2016

#SPSP2016 In the News

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Media Highlights of 2016 SPSP Annual Convention

Take a look at some of the research covered at this year’s Convention!

On the media and diversity front, several outlets covered research from Sohad Murrar, who is part of the research team at the University of Wisconsin, Madison studying the impact of sitcoms on reducing anti-Muslim bigotry.  Read the coverage here and here.

One of the more “popular” items to come out of the conference covered the personality traits of dog and cat owners. Katherine Jacobs Bao at Manhattanville College examined the association between pets and wellbeing, discovering pet owners are generally happier than non-pet owners.

While multiple outlets picked up the story on how oxytocin levels are a possible predictor of marriage success between new parents, it was Stephanie Pappas, one of the media in attendance at the convention, who broke the story: 'Love Hormone' Could Predict Whether Mom and Dad Stay Together.

Examining the role of socioeconomics on obesity, reporter Roberto Ferdman at the Washington Post discussed the crippling thing about growing up poor that stays with you forever, based on research presented by Sarah Hill at this year’s convention.

Additional Highlights (as of March 2016)

Face-to-Face Still Trumps Texts for Social Closeness, Studies Find US News and World Report 1/29/16

Health food SHOULDN'T be branded as 'healthy' Daily Mail (UK) 1/29/2016

Can a TV sitcom reduce anti-Muslim bigotry? The Christian Science Monitor 1/30/2016

What influences our food choices Business Standard (syndicated through IANS) 1/30/2016

Dog owners less neurotic than cat owners, says study CNET 1/31/2016

It's still better to talk eyeball to eyeball Sunday Times (South Africa) 2/1/2016

Market For A Mate Can Resemble Supermarket Strategies PsychCentral 2/1/2016

Want to end prejudice? Watch a sitcom CNN 2/2/2016

How gender interacts with other social identities to shape bias The Conversation 2/4/2016

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Movies, TV shows can neutralize bigotry Miami Herald 2/6/2016

'Love Hormone' Could Predict Whether Mom and Dad Stay Together Live Science 2/9/2016

Overconfidence Kills Young Men's OkCupid Game, But Improves Women's Bustle 2/11/2016

The crippling thing about growing up poor that stays with you forever Washington Post 2/12/2016

Why Are Millennials Narcissistic? Blame Income Inequality Yahoo/Live Science 2/12/2016

Want to Form a New Habit? Don't Overthink Live Science 2/19/2016

Picked up by Huffington Post

The Most Highly Confident Young Men Have the Least Success in Online Dating Science of Us, Pickup on Yahoo Health 2/21/2016

Confident men less successful on dating sites, study finds Albany Times Union 2/23/2016

Are You Better Off Not Knowing Your Medical Future? Science of Us 3/2/2016


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