SPSP Connect!

A New Way to Get Involved with SPSP Connect!

Over the last year, SPSP has worked with our membership to develop a members-only, specialized tool to facilitate discussions, share ideas, and create networking opportunities. SPSP is extremely excited to announce the launch of SPSP Connect!, a new, online resource.

One of the tool’s most exciting features is communities. All SPSP members are automatically part of the Open Forum community but can opt to join three additional communities: Students, Educators, and Attitudes and Social Influence.

These communities provide a platform for members to ask questions, share techniques, and hold discussions with SPSP members who share a similar membership type or academic and research interests.

SPSP Connect! is also bringing back a much missed SPSP service. Members can now subscribe to a listserv for the Open Forum and each community to receive real-time SPSP updates via email. 

The library tool on SPSP Connect! provides a simple and effective way to share and archive documents, lectures, webinars and more with the rest of SPSP membership.

SPSP Connect! provides users a great way to connect and network with fellow members of SPSP. Meet a member on the discussion board, add them as a contact, and collaborate through mentorship, research, and more in the future.

Looking forward, SPSP Connect! has significant potential for growth. Over time SPSP hopes to launch more shared interest groups on SPSP Connect! for members with specific areas of academic and research interest to discuss and collaborate. If you are interested in proposing a new shared interest group, email SPSP Executive Director Chad Rummel.

For any questions you may have about SPSP Connect!, visit our FAQ or email Lauren Blackwell.

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