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By Séamus Power

Psychology & Society is an online peer-reviewed and open access journal that focuses on how the social world shapes psychological functioning and vice-versa. The journal publishes theoretical, methodological and empirical work that contributes to the knowledge of how the social and cultural world and the psyche are intertwined, interrelated and interdependent.

This month’s special issue of Psychology & Society was edited by guest editor Maria Cecilia Dedios-Sanguineti from the London School of Economics and Political Science. The focus of the issue is around the question of ‘context’ in a cultural psychology of human cognition, development and behaviour. In particular, the issue addresses the question of whether it is possible to put context alongside culture when doing cultural psychology? Why is this necessary? Each of the contributors to this special issue propose different answers to these questions. Joshua Bruce examines how cultural psychology incorporates power into its theorizing and explanatory capabilities; Kurtis and Adams investigate culture and gender influences on interdependence; Goyal, Wice, Adams, Chauhan and Miller explore attributions of spousal transgressions in India and the US, challenging simple links between power, rights and responsibilities; Soerens views intimate partner violence among migrant women through the lens of the dialogical self; finally, Mandviwala provides a window into the experiences of adolescent Muslim girls growing up in America. Each of these efforts represents a nuanced and subtle approach to the study of the entanglements between culture, context, and mind.

The primary focus of Psychology & Society is to understand the complexities of the individual embedded in social, cultural, historical and economic contexts. Towards this end, we welcome submissions using an array of methodologies employed at different levels of analysis. Moreover, we also welcome pitches from individuals or groups who wish to assemble a special issue on an area of psychology or a specific psychological event. The best way to get in touch is to email us here.

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