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Jul 01, 2015

Psychology News Round-Up (November 21st)

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By Dave Nussbaum

  • This week on the blog, Joshua Hart wrote about the development of ourpsychological security system, and Emily Robinson sent out a call for analysts and co-authors for a crowdsourced data analysis project.
  • Simone Schnall wrote a new blog post on replication which sparked a new round of debate (including some of the tweets below). We are specifically inviting comments on the issue below. What do you think about replication efforts? We invite you to share your views. Comments can be signed or anonymous (to allay any concerns people may have about making comments publicly). Click here to join the discussion.
  • Be sure to check out the twitter round-up below for a lot of great stuff this week, including Melissa Dahl (@melissadahl) on Hal Hershfield (@Hal_EH) and Adam Alter’s (@adamleealter) new work, Nina Strohminger (@NinaStrohminger) on the moral self as the essence of identity, Molly Crockett’s (@MollyCrockett) new research on people’s reluctance to harm others which has been getting a lot of attention, and Cass Sunstein (@CassSunstein) and Reid Hastie on their new book, Wiser, about improving decision making in groups.
  • Finally, congratulations to this year’s Sage Young Scholars, Jay van Bavel (@jayvanbavel), Clayton Critcher (@claytoncritcher), Emily Impett, Nicholas Rule, and Jenessa Shapiro!


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