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Jul 08, 2015

Psychology News Round-Up (May 22nd)

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By Erika Salomon

  • This week on the blog, Calvin Lai described the results of a contest to reduce implicit bias: “The most effective interventions were highly emotional, highly vivid, and highly self-relevant.”
  • For Gray Matter at the New York Times, Erez Yoeli, Syon Bhanot, Gordon Kraft-Todd and David Rand write about how to get people to pitch in to solve cooperative problems—such as the drought in California—and why social interventions often work better than alternatives.
  • Last December, a study on how social contact makes lasting change in people’s attitudes towards gay marriage made headlines. On Tuesday, Donald Green, co-author of the paper, asked Science to retract the paper following concerns raised by David Brockman, Joshua Kalla, and Peter Aronow. This story has been covered in several outlets, including VoxThis American Life, and Buzzfeed. Green gave an interview with Jesse Singal for The Science of Us. A statement from the lead author, Michael LaCour is forthcoming.

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