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Dec 17, 2018

Top Character & Context Posts in 2018

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Here's a recap of our most visited blog posts in 2018. If there's one thing to learn from this list, it's that they are all worth a read.

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12. Hidden Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Class, by Sébastien Goudeau, 2017

11. The Psychology of Social Class by Tony Manstead , 2018

10. How Do We Make Moral Judgements? by Joseph Tennant, 2015

9. The Relationship Implications of Rejecting a Partner for Sex Kindly vs Having Sex Reluctently by James Kim, 2018

8. When Political Ideology Undermines Logical Reasoning by Anup Gampa, 2016

7. Are Stereotypes Accurate? A Viewpoint from the Cognitive Science of Concepts by Lin Bian and Andrei Cimpian, 2016

6The Effect of Money on Your Emotions2015

5. Prediction in Psychology by Alex Danvers, 2016

4. Knowing Who You Are Matters in Relationships by Lydia Emery, 2018

3Stereotype Accuracy is One of the Largest and Most Replicable Effects in All of Social Psychology  by Lee Jusim, 2016

2. Anxious-Avoidant Duos: Walking on Thin Ice in Relationships and Physical Health by Jana Lembke, Fiona Ge, Paula Pietromonaco, and Sally Powers, 2015

1. The Consequences of Dishonesty by Scott Wiltermuth, David Newman, and Medha Raj, 2015


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