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Nov 03, 2017

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI November 3, 2017

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On the Blogs

Elliot Berkman says "getting to the root causes of healthy behaviors is important to science because they are a big part of individual and public health." 
Arash Javanbakht and Linda Saab cover perception, control, and the psychology of fear.
J.M. Berger and Amarnath Amarasingam discuss in-groups, out-groups, and social identity of extremist groups.
What Trick-Or-Treating Tells Us about Human Nature via The Conversation
The way children make choices about candy tell us a lot about human psychology, writes Dilip Soman.
Approach With Caution: Nostalgia Is a Potent Political Agent via UnDark
"We must be vigilant against the allure of a false nostalgia," writes Clay Routledge.
"Researchers who want professorships are sometimes driven to publish suspect findings," argues Noah Smith

In the News

Do You Have Charisma? via Wall Street Journal
Crime and the Mental Illness Blame Game via The St. Louis American
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