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Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI November 17, 2017

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On the Blogs

"As much as we like spending time with our friends, is working with them in a group really good for our performance?," asks Nadira Faber.

How to Be More Persuasive – According To Science via The Conversation
“If you want to get something from someone – you should give them something yourself,” writes Harriet Dempsey-Jones.

Explaining the Global Rise of “Dominance” Leadership via Scientific American
Niro Sivanathan, Hemant Kakkar examined findings from evolutionary, social, and political psychology to understand when and why such leaders are voted into power.

From the SPSP News Center

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology Reaffirms its Stance against Harassment

Recent news, in conjunction with the #MeToo campaign, reminds us as a professional society that we need to do everything we can to ensure that SPSP-linked events adhere to our values and policies.

In the News

How to Get Over the Need to Be Liked by Everyone You Meet via The Cut 

A New ‘Accelerator’ Aims to Bring Big Science to Psychology via Science

Lack of Intellectual Humility Plagues Our Times, Say Researchers via Big Think

The Way 'Good' People Explain Away Bad Behavior Is Called 'Moral Licensing' — Here's What It Means via Business Insider 

Does Male-ness Lead to Sexual Assault and Harassment? via Detroit Today

Hate in America: Where it comes from and Why It's Back via Yahoo News UK

Can You Be Friends With Your Coffee Maker? via The Atlantic

Paid leave to care for pets? For more Italians, the answer is 'sì!' via The Christian Science Monitor

Bullying Continues to Be a Pervasive Threat in the Workplace via 

Why Getting Even May Make You Feel Worse In The Long Run via The Chicago Tribune

How 15-Minute Boredom Sessions Can Help You Manage Stress and Emotions via Big Think

Why "Visionary" Language from Leaders can Sometimes Backfire via Quartz at Work

Congress is Making Harassment Trainings Mandatory. Science Shows They Don't Work. via Vox
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