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A new non-academic internship database for social and personality psychology students was one of the many new projects that was approved for funding at the August meeting of the SPSP Board of Directors in Denver. The initial stages of the project will include surveys of various SPSP constituent groups, followed by the assembly of non-academic internships as a web tool for students. The project is being overseen by SPSP Board Member Linda Skitka and three of her students (Brittany Hanson, Timothy Carsel, and Allison Mueller) leading various phases of the project. Other take-aways from  the meeting:
The Fall 2016 small research grant recipients are Bettina Casad, Brittany Christian, Corey Cook, Nilanjana Dasgupta, Katherine Goldey, William Jimenez Leal, Janelle Jones, Victor Karandashev, Frank Martela, Randy McCarthy, Adam Pazda, Jason Rose, and Julia Vogt. Each recipient’s project title and abstract, as well as their affiliations, may be found below. The Spring 2017 small research grant cycle will open, and applications will be accepted, beginning September 15.  
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Portals Open Today! The undergraduate poster submission portal is open today through September 19 for poster submissions for the 2017 Annual Convention. Note that only current undergraduate students are eligible to submit a poster during this submission period. The undergraduate student must be the first/presenting author on the submission. Undergraduates who will be graduating in December of this year (2016) are still eligible to submit now and present at the convention in January of 2017.
Portals Open September 6th!
On Tuesday, the Convention Committee released the announcements of acceptances for the 2017 convention in San Antonio. We have a fantastic lineup that includes over 100 symposia and workshops! Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to submit an application. The field is stronger for your efforts.