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SPSP is seeking a diverse pool of candidates for the next election cycle of Board members (positions starting January 2018). Members of the SPSP Board help guide the future and vision of the organization and field. Please consider adding your name to the ballot or identifying a colleague who you think would be a good candidate. Prior involvement in SPSP leadership is not a requirement. The following positions will be on the ballot this spring:
Each month, student members provide insight and tips on a particular topic. This month focuses on how to manage holiday stress. How to Deal with Holiday Stress Listen to the song "So this is Christmas" by John Lennon and reflect on all that you have accomplished since January. Maybe you have successfully proposed or defended your thesis or dissertation, maybe you aced a stats course that you felt you were drowning in, or maybe you finished your very first year of grad school with the confidence to keep going. Whatever it is, celebrate it, take pride, and worry about New Year's resolutions later!-Corin Ramos, University of Texas at El Paso
Chaona Chen, University of Glasgow At the beginning of my third year of my PhD, I was overwhelmed by how many things I had to finish each day. I was collecting data for my experiments, writing a paper, preparing my conference presentations, and running statistic workshops for undergraduate students. I felt worse every day as more and more things were ‘delayed’ on my to-do-list. I finally decided to take action before I would burn out.
Not sure where to grab a bite to eat or drinks during the 2017 SPSP convention? SPSP co-editor Vivian Ta provides some student-friendly recommendations. Price ranges: $ = under $10; $$ = $11-$30   The Original Blanco Cafe- $ From Google: No-frills setting for familiar Tex-Mex dishes, daily lunch specials & all-day breakfast. Address: 419 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78205 Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-3pm; Saturday 6am-2pm; closed Sunday   B&D Ice House- BBQ & Draft- $
Six semifinalists have been named in the 2017 Q&pAy Small Research Grant Competition. Grantees in the contest go through three rounds of rigorous review, with the final round taking place live at the 2017 Convention in San Antonio. Semifinalist have prepared two-minute videos explaining their research. You can see their videos and abstracts on YouTube.
The recent U.S. election campaign was divisive and many of us experienced anger and fear. In response, the leadership of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) wants to reaffirm our core organizational values. SPSP is dedicated to advancing the discipline of social and personality psychology and the professional lives of social and personality psychologists. Our organization has a long—and active!—history of supporting diversity among our members, along with open, international collaborations with scholars worldwide.