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Vote for 2017 Q&pAy Finalists

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Six semifinalists have been named in the 2017 Q&pAy Small Research Grant Competition. Grantees in the contest go through three rounds of rigorous review, with the final round taking place live at the 2017 Convention in San Antonio.

Semifinalist have prepared two-minute videos explaining their research. You can see their videos and abstracts on YouTube.

  • Stefanie Tignor, A typology of "micro-transgressions": The frequency, antecedents, and consequences of self-perceived wrongdoings
  • Xuan Zhao, Bonding in a Heartbeat: Can Feeling Others’ Heartbeat Increase Empathy and Prosocial Behavior?
  • Curtis Phills, An intersectional approach to reducing stereotypes
  • Stacy Priniski and Cameron Hecht, Battle of the Interventions: Comparing Strategies to Promote Belonging in Community Colleges
  • Mary Himmelstein, Meet me at the Crossroads: Weight-stigma at the Intersections of Race and Gender
  • John Sakaluk and Emily Impett, The Sounds of Sex: A Naturalistic Study of the Function(s) of Human Sexual Vocalizations

SPSP Members are asked to vote for the proposal that you think deserves to move forward to the final round of competition. Popular vote will count for a small percentage of the final vote moving three contestants toward the finals. Semifinalists are also being reviewed by a review panel based on (1) importance or significance of the topic to the field; (2) clarity and quality of the research methodology and analyses that will be conducted; (3) appropriateness of the budget; and (4) feasibility of completing the project within the timeline provided.

To cast your vote, you will need the following:

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