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SPSP2016: Submission Portals Open Soon – Are You Ready?

It’s time to prepare your submissions for SPSP 2016!

Submission portals will soon open for short windows, so start collecting the necessary information today. See the list of dates below AND download a guide that will help you collect the necessary information from you and your collaborators now.
For all submission information, visit

Changes for 2016:

  • New Professional Development / Training Sessions
    (May include specific trainings, panel discussions, networking roundtables, breakfast conversations, etc)
  • New Data Blitz specifically for Faculty/Scholars
  • Undergraduates may submit in September if data is not ready by July

Mark Your Calendar!

  • July 1-14, 2015: Poster and Symposia Submissions
  • September 8-18, 2015: Data Blitz Submissions:
  • September 8-18, 2015: Undergraduate Poster Submissions (for any undergrads without data for July submission)
  • September 8-18, 2015: Professional Development Session Submissions

Submission Guides

Use these guides to help you gather all the details now, so you are ready to submit when portals open:

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