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Mahzarin Banaji's Campbell Address at the 2017 SPSP Annual Convention

In her address as the recipient of the 2016 Donald T. Campbell Award, Mahzarin Banaji thanked her collaborators, students, and others who have impacted her professionally; shared her views on the legacy of Donald Campbell; and discussed strangeness as a signal of something important using the examples of her first encounters with the American folk singer Odetta,  the Handbook of Social Psychology, 1968, and the modern unconscious. You can view her remarks in their entirety here.

The Donald T. Campbell Award recognizes distinguished scholarly achievement and ongoing sustained excellence in research in social psychology. This award honors an individual who has contributed and is continuing to contribute to the field of social psychology in significant ways. It is not limited by research area or methodological approach to social psychological science. Many SPSP awards, including the Donald T. Campbell Award, will be accepting nominations for the 2017 cycle beginning in early March. 

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