SPSP is pleased to announce Inside the Grant Panel, the return of our small grant competition at the SPSP Annual Convention (formerly known as Q&pAy).
SPSP signed a letter expressing that we are “extremely concerned with provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R. 1) that will increase the financial burden for graduate students by repealing existing provisions in tax law.” Some of the text of the letter, and complete copy, are below. U.S. scientific and technological ingenuity has helped to make our nation one of the most innovative in the world and generated tremendous economic benefit to our country. This inventive spirit starts with people and ideas – and it is our higher-education system that has fostered the development of inventors, entrepreneurs, Nobel Laureates, and business leaders.
Build your professional network by working with scholars you admire, develop diverse leadership skills, and translate your passion for social/personality psychology into the future vision of our organization by being the student voice for SPSP membership! Nominations for the 2018 Student Committee are now open! Click below to learn more about these roles and fill out the form and nominate yourself or a peer to serve on the 2018 Student Committee. Nominations/applications are due by November 24th.
Student Science Writer Positions: The Society for Personality and Social Psychology Seeks eDaily Contributors for Annual Convention  
Personality and Social Psychology PhD Graduates:Results from the NSF Survey of Earned Doctorates The number of social and personality psychology graduates has held steady over the past five years. Post-graduation plans include academic jobs, post-docs, non-academic employment/other plans, and those still seeking work or study. Results highlight the need to help students prepare for a range of post-graduation opportunities. We can also better support females and graduates from diverse backgrounds pursuing academic research careers.
The Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) joins with other scientific societies and psychology departments to “share our concerns that basic science research is being redefined as a clinical trial at NIH.”   "The undersigned organizations applaud NIH for its work to improve transparency in clinical trials. We recognize that concerns have been raised with the agency that not enough data elements are being collected on clinical trials, and that the results of NIH-funded clinical trials are not being published in a timely manner. We understand that these are real problems the agency must address.