Following nearly two years of reflection, input from more than 700 stakeholders, and many hours of envisioning the future, the SPSP Board of Directors has announced its new mission, vision, and strategic plan. The new statement of Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives reflects not only where SPSP is today, but it provides a guidance for key priorities for the next five years. “As an organization, SPSP has a rich history of strong support for the field,” said SPSP President Diane Mackie. “Going through the strategic planning process allowed us to capitalize on that while identifying key values and directions for the future.”
In recognition of Women’s Equality Day on August 26, SPSP interviewed two members whose research focuses on gender. Charlotte Tate of San Francisco State University and Matt Hammond of Victoria University of Wellington spoke about their research interests, and how their work is connected to women’s equality.  Charlotte Tate
What if you could isolate the independent variables in your research, keep costs down, and reach wider populations of research participants? What if your research situations were limited only by what you could dream up, regardless of practicality – how would that influence your research? With virtual reality, that’s all possible.