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Nominations for 2017 Student Committee Extended

SPSP’s Student Committee is currently seeking nominations for 2017-2018 positions. Members of the SC organize activities and resources for SPSP’s student members. Serving on the SC is a great opportunity to network and build leadership skills.

  • Chair: This a two-year term with the first year serving in the role of Chair of the Student Committee and the second year serving as the Past Chair*. The Chair leads the committee and serves as the liaison to the SPSP Board of Directors.
  • Vice-Chair: This is a three-year term with the first year fulfilling the role of Vice-Chair, the second year the role of Chair, and the final year the role of Past Chair*. The Vice-Chair assists the Chair in the leadership of the committee.
  • Member-At-Large: These are all one-year terms with the option to run for re-election for a total of two terms.  There are four Members-At-Large and each takes on various projects and responsibilities throughout their year of service. Many projects, tasks, and initiatives involve events taking place at the Annual Convention.
  • Member-At-Large for Undergraduate Affairs: Like the other Members-At-Large, this position is also responsible for carrying out the various tasks and initiatives of the committee specifically with the focus of undergraduate members in mind. As undergraduate membership in SPSP grows, this Member-At-Large will focus on programming and resources relevant to undergraduates interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the field.
  • SPSPotlight Co-Editors: These two positions are one-year terms and are in charge of the student newsletter, SPSPotlight. Co-Editors write, curate, and determine the content of the newsletter that is released monthly to all student members. Co-editors have the administrative support of the SPSP Central Office.

No prior experience is required for these positions. The only requirement is that you are a current student member of SPSP in good standing. Inquiries regarding responsibilities can be directed to

Nominations are now open and will close on November 20, 2016. Self-nominations are welcome.

To submit a nomination, please do so here.

*Note that the past chair position may be served after completing your doctorate.

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