I am pleased to announce the kick off of Q&pAy, a LIVE small grants competition—our own version of the ABC hit show “Shark Tank”—at the 2016 annual convention.
The time has come to select your 2016 GSC members. The SPSP Graduate Student Committee works to promote the interest of SPSP's graduate and undergraduate student members. This includes producing helpful student content, organizing events for student members at the annual convention, and much more. All current student members as of 10/15/2015 will be emailed a ballot to vote.  Open Positions: 
As we begin the 2016 fiscal year, we would like to share an update from the National Science Foundation.
The GSC is currently seeking nominations for President, Vice President, Members-at-Large, and the Member-at-Large in charge of undergraduate affairs. The President's main role is to serve as the head of the GSC and act as the liaison between the GSC and the Executive Committee. The president is elected for a 2-year term (1 year as President, 1 year as Past-President).  The Vice President provides additional leadership support to the GSC and helps manage the various year-round and conference-specific programs.
Request for Volunteers to Host Summer Institute in Social and Personality Psychology (SISPP) in 2017
We are now accepting Data-blitz, Undergraduate Poster, and Professional Development submissions for the  Annual Convention. All of the following portals will be open from September 8 to 18, 2015:  Datablitz Submission Portals Data Blitz sessions are an opportunity for scientists to present their work in a rapid-pace form (under 5 minutes). Data Blitz presenters fall into two categories: