Eating Wisely Review of Traci Mann’s Secrets from the Eating Lab, winner of the 2016 SPSP Book Prize Nicholas Epley (University of Chicago) Stanley Milgram surely never imagined he was laying the groundwork for healthy eating when he sat his participants in front of a shock generator.  Nevertheless, the major insight from Milgram’s work—that people can underappreciate the power of a person’s circumstances in shaping behavior—is on full display in Traci Mann’s excellent book, Secrets from the Eating Lab.
Odetta, The Handbook of Social Psychology 1968, and The Unconscious Mahzarin R. Banaji Harvard University Comments offered on the occasion of the Donald Campbell Award, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, San Antonio, January 20, 2017
The Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) is one of 170 scientific organizations and academic institutions that recently signed onto a letter urging President Trump to rescind the January, 27, Executive Order temporarily barring citizens from seven countries from entering the United States.
Another SPSP annual convention has come and gone. What should you be doing after you’ve attended the convention? SPSpotlight co-editor, Vivian Ta, offers some tips. Each year, I look forward to the SPSP annual convention. Hearing speakers discuss cutting-edge research, new ideas, and being reunited with friends always leaves me inspired and pumped to get back to work. However, what you do after attending the convention can be just as important as what you do while you’re there. Here are some ideas for what you can do post-convention to round out your experience and make the most of next year’s meeting:
Do you use Google Chrome? SPSpotlight co-editor, Vivian Ta, shares 7 Chrome extensions that you can use to work more productively and study most efficiently.