Dolores Albarracín: Statement

Feature ImageServing on the board of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology would not only be a great honor, but also an opportunity to make a contribution to the discipline of social psychology and the outstanding network of scholars associated with social and personality psychology.  I have been an academic psychologist for two decades now and am committed to working towards ensuring that our field remains as vital, nurturing, and socially relevant as it has traditionally been.  As a historically embedded discipline, social/personality psychology faces several challenges.  The first one is adequately responding to societies’ most pressing problems: maximizing learning at all educational levels, enhancing social equality and diversity, improving physical and mental health, reducing negative environmental impacts, and increasing safety in local communities and society at large.  The second is defining the most fundamental theoretical problems we have yet to solve and to advance our scientific understanding in an integrated way.  The third is to ensure excellence in research methods and practices, while appropriately communicating the limitations of our findings.  The development of this relevant, broad, rigorous strategic knowledge-building agenda is best achieved by relying on institutional strengths, identifying necessary intellectual and financial resources, and connecting with outside disciplines and scientific organizations.  A communication strategy is also critical to link social/personality psychology to relevant stakeholders, funding agencies, and policy makers.

I have a broad purview of social psychology and of academic institutions in the U.S. and other countries.  I have had appointments in colleges of arts and sciences, business, medicine, and communication.  I collaborate with scholars in medicine, chemistry, public health, computer science, statistics, communications, informatics, and linguistics.  These experiences and holding Ph.D.s in both social and clinical psychology have prepared me well to serve on the SPSP board.  I also bring extensive experience mentoring researchers and promoting diversity in various capacities, in part because of my Argentine heritage.  I have administered NIH grants continuously throughout my career and currently serve as Chief Editor of Psychological Bulletin.