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Call for Volunteers

SPSP seeks volunteers for its various committees described below to start in 2018. Committee work is a great opportunity to network within the field and promote values and activities important to SPSP members. Members who have received their PhD are encouraged to review the volunteer opportunities and, if interested, submit their nomination at

Awards Selections Panels (Several)
Awards Selection Panels are responsible for reviewing various SPSP awards and making recommendations of recipients to the SPSP Board. This is a 1-2 year commitment with limited involvement only during the selection part of the year (April-June). Panel members will serve on one of the following panels: Senior Career Contribution Awards, Mid-Career Awards, Early Career Awards, Teaching/Mentoring Awards, or Prizes for a Single Contribution.

Communications Advisory Board (Several)
The Communications Advisory Board serves as advisors to SPSP staff on science involved in our communication and media relations efforts. General tasks include identifying subject matter experts in particular areas for specific media or policy requests, providing input on newsworthiness of new research, and alerting staff of opportunities to connect research to current news. Members of the CAB serve two-year roles and will be asked for input 2-3 times per month. 

Convention Planning/Programming Committee (4)
The convention committee is in charge of helping organize the annual SPSP convention. The basic duties include designing themes, scheduling of the master schedule, calls to action of special topics (such as special workshops) and all other invited sessions. The committee also coordinates various awards, events, and happy hours, and selects future locations of the convention. There are three options for getting involved with the Convention Committee:

  • Chairing the Science Review Panels (2) – This is a two-year commitment. In the first year, the co-chairs will select posters, data blitz, and paper sessions. In the second year, the co-chairs select symposia and coordinate two invited sessions. The time commitment requires 1-2 hours per month most of the year (more during selection season of late July/August). Preference will be given to those who have previously served as reviewers. Some travel funds are provided to attend convention.
  • Two-year Convention Committee member (1) – This two-year role is intended for early career members interested in getting involved in SPSP. In the first year, the member will organize the Early Career Mentoring Happy Hour and in year two, he/she will organize the Psychology Studio at convention. Some travel funds are provided to attend convention.
  • Three-year Convention Committee member (1) –In year one, this person coordinates the annual Awards luncheon and symposium at convention. In year two, he/she coordinates the Legacy Award at convention. Finally, in year three this individual serves as chair of the annual convention. Some travel funds are provided to attend convention.

Diversity and Climate Committee (2)
The Diversity & Climate Committee monitors diversity in the organization and funds efforts to support the conference attendance of students who come from underrepresented groups (e.g.,ethnic or racial minority students; first-generation college students; lesbian, gay, or bisexual students; transgender students; and/or students with a physical disability), in an effort to increase the diversity of the field of personality and social psychology. Main activities of the committee include selecting travel award winners and organizing events at the annual convention. Throughout the year, this committee is tasked with providing input into SPSP’s diversity initiatives and oversees SPSP’s Summer Program in Undergraduate Research.

Fellows Committee (3)
The Fellows Committee works to identify SPSP members who have made substantial contributions to the field of Personality and Social Psychology. The Fellows Committee reviews and selects nominees once per year. Current SPSP Fellows who can dedicate up to 6 hours for each selection cycle to review and select nominees are encouraged to apply.

Grant Review Panel (4)
The Grant Review Panel evaluates 5 cycles of small grants and conference grants per year. Reviews are done electronically. This is a two-year commitment with an optional third year as Chair.

Publications Committee (None This Year)
The Publications committee works to maintain and improve SPSP journals and discuss new initiatives of knowledge dissemination. Some tasks include finding editors, selecting Student Publication Awards Winners, and assisting with higher level policy around SPSP’s three journals. *NOT SOLICITING FOR A MEMBER FOR 2018* 

SISPP Steering Committee (None This Year)
The SISPP Committee reviews and selects hosts for the summer institute that occurs every other year.  In addition, the committee generates course ideas, decides appropriate instructors, and coordinates with the host institution to review student applications for the courses. The appointment is a three-year term and all members must be willing to serve as co-chair. *NOT SOLICITING FOR A MEMBER FOR 2018*

Training Committee (2)
The purpose of the SPSP Training Committee is to offer social and personality psychologists across all career stages ongoing training opportunities in new methods and statistics, professional development opportunities - both academic and non-academic, and science communication training. Our goal is to enhance new discoveries about mind science and human behavior from the perspective of social and personality research and to disseminate those discoveries broadly to benefit the public interest. The TC solicits and reviews training workshops and professional development sessions at convention and provides training opportunities through the year for all career levels.

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