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2015 SPSP Twitter Team Selected


Congratulations to the SPSP Twitter Team selected for SPSP's 2015 Annual Convention!

The Twitter Team has the opportunity to share highlights of the latest research in social and personality psychology relating to the 2015 Annual Convention in Long Beach.
SPSP's Twitter Team will be encouraged to tweet photos and videos, live-tweet sessions and social events, share experiences, and connect with fellow tweeters, virtually or in-person at the Convention-- all using the meeting's hashtag #SPSP2015.
Follow the SPSP Twitter Team online:
Leslie Berntsen, @leslie_bern
Benjamin Blankenship, @btblanke
Colin Capaldi, @colincapaldi
Monica El Gamal, @Monica_E_G
Martie Haselton, @haselton
Sonia Kang, @Sonia_Kang
Amanda Kohler, @aekohler 
Sena Koleva, @SenaKoleva
Michael Kraus, @mwkraus
Lynsey Mahmood, @lynseymahmood
Andrea Ruybal, @OndiLaRu
Erika Salomon, @ecsalomon
H. Colleen Sinclair, @MSUSocialPsy
Carol Tweten, @cmtweten
Christopher Via, @CM_Via
Beth Visser, @BethAV
Brian Wilkey, @BrianMWilkey 
Jarryd Willis, @OFA_Jarryd