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Become a Member of SPSP!

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Membership in SPSP is open to students, as well as professionals, who are interested in personality and social psychology.
We are now in the 2015 dues cycle, which includes membership through 12/31/2015.


The Benefits of SPSP Membership

  • Member registration rate for the annual conference
  • Public interest and advocacy-related activities
  • NEW in 2015: Access to a special members-only area for communication and networking within your research or professional areas
  • Support for student education and research
  • Members receive electronic and/or mail delivery subscriptions to the following publications:





Membership Categories and Dues

  • Full Members ($50): This category is for those who have earned a doctorate degree in psychology. It includes all benefits and privileges of membership.
  • Associate ($50): Individuals who are no longer a student and have not earned an advanced degree in psychology are eligible for this membership. (Note: Associate members are not eligible to vote or hold office in SPSP)
  • Early Career Members ($35): Individuals who have earned their doctorate degree in psychology within the last 3 years may choose to join as early career members.
  • Students ($25): This membership is for undergraduate or graduate students. 
  • Retired Members ($25)

Note: The SPSP membership fee is separate from the $2 collected by APA from Division 8 members. Please view SPSP Inc./Division 8 for detailed information about the relationship between Division 8 of APA and SPSP.


How to Join

The fastest and most efficient way to renew your membership is online.

If you find that you prefer to join by sending a check, please print the 2015 Dues Statement and follow the instructions on that form in making your payment. 

Hardship Fund - SPSP is committed to supporting its members during times of hardship. Donations to the Hardship Fund support waivers of dues, allowing continuous benefits of membership for students and faculty members who experience unexpected, temporary financial hardship. If financial assistance is needed, please refer to the Hardship Dues Waiver Request.