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Call for SPSP 2017 Preconferences Submissions!

The day before our Annual Convention begins each year marks an important day of networking, learning, and discussion on various subcategories of our field.

APS Annoucement

Are you going to APS in Chicago next month?

Apply for SPSP’s Two New Awards

SPSP is pleased to launch two new annual awards in 2016: The Application of Personality and Social Psychology Award and the Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring Award.

2016 SPSP Leadership Elections Set to Begin

The following candidates will appear on the 2016 SPSP Leadership Ballot. Ballots will be mailed to voting members the week of April 18.

Generosity and Commitment to Causes Improve When Giving is Personal

Giving something personal increases people’s self-perception of generosity and commitment to charitable causes.

Whether the call to action is to support an important cause, save a life, or offer monetary support, new research shows it’s the personal connection of giving that makes the giver feel more generous. This giving of oneself, from a signature to blood, increases feelings of generosity and in turn, increases the likelihood of continued support of a cause, according to research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

High Standards Produce Mixed Effects on Marriages

There is a tension between what spouses demand from their marriages and what they are capable of attaining from those marriages, according to recent psychology research. The results are published in the April issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

High standards, whether in caring, support, or independence, improve satisfaction only in strong marriages.  For less strong marriages, such as those involving higher levels of indirect hostility or more severe problems, high standards further erode the relationship.

Belief in God Strengthened by Imagining How Life Would Be Different

Study shows how believers can perceive evidence for their religious conviction via deliberate and rational cognitive processes.

Awards Annoucement

SPSP Annual Awards Portal Open Tuesday, March 15


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