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November 6th Round Up

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This week on the blog: Are We Too Optimistic About Optimism?  

Volkswagen of Moral Psychology

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By Jonathan Haidt, Jesse Graham, and Peter Ditto

One of us bought a Volkswagen Turbo Diesel Sportwagen on August 24. The car seemed too good to be true, offering three features that are usually incompatible: great performance, great gas mileage, and low tailpipe emissions. A few weeks later, he learned that the impressive specs described to him in the showroom were not correct. Volkswagen diesel engines change their behavior radically when they undergo emissions testing.

October 2nd Round Up

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On the blog this week: Judging Political Hearts and Minds

Hidden Brain

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By: Dave Nussbaum

September 18th Round Up

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Earlier this week on the blog: The Attractiveness of Confidence 


The Attractiveness of Confidence

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By: Sean Murphy

Some of the most common advice given to singles looking to attract a partner is to ‘just be confident.’ Folk wisdom suggests that confidence is highly attractive to potential partners, and research has confirmed that men and women rate confidence as a very attractive trait in a potential partner (Buunk, Dijkstra, Fetchenhauer, & Kenrick, 2002).

Reducing temptations by setting better goals

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By: Marina Milyavskaya

Everyone has goals that they strive towards. Whether it is to spend more time with family or eat less junk food, goals are ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives. However, despite the prevalence of goals, failures in self-regulation abound. You need only to look at the current epidemic of obesity and the parallel financial success of the diet industry to know that while many people have goals associated with weight loss and are sinking money into pursuing them, most are failing at these goals.

September 4th Round Up

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Earlier this week on the blog: Implicit Anti-Gay Bias Has Decreased - and the Change is Accelerating 

Implicit Anti-Gay Bias Has Decreased – and the Change is Accelerating

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By: Erin Westgate and Rachel G. Riskind

Imagine it’s 2004. Martha Stewart has just been sentenced to prison, details of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal are beginning to emerge, and Massachusetts has become the first U.S. state to legally recognize same-sex marriages. Would you believe that in just 11 years, the federal government – and all fifty U.S. states and territories – would recognize same-sex marriage?

Men in Sexist Countries Win More Olympic Medals

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By Mark Travers, Ph.D.

It has long been known that richer countries win more Olympic medals—with the United States, not surprisingly, leading the pack. (Russia is second, and Great Britain is third.)

But do countries that value gender equality also fare better at the Olympic Games?

Until recently, this was thought to be the case. But new research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology casts doubt on this hopeful assumption.