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Psychology In the Light of Evolution

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By Alex Danvers

Without evolution, your thinking is impoverished. In introducing speakers Leda Cosmides and Joseph Henrich at the SPSP Annual Convention symposium “Big Questions in Evolutionary Science and What They Mean for Social-Personality Psychology,” moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt argued that not reading their work is “a huge missed opportunity.”

How Discrimination Shapes the Health of American Racial and Ethnic Minorities

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By Lauren Howe

Racial and ethnic minority Americans have worse overall health than White Americans. What causes this difference, and what can we do to close this gap?

Talk About Your Body!

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By Alex Danvers

Charlotte Markey only had one couple get in a fight as a result of her study—mildly surprising, given that she forced same-sex romantic partners to rate what they thought their partner’s ideal body shape was in front of each other.

Patience Can Be Primed

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By Luke Wilmshurst

Every day, people make a countless number of choices, often without even realizing how small decisions can add up to have significant consequences in the long-run.

Whether it's making an effort to eat healthier food, or sticking with an exercise program, or saving money, over time these small actions can become the foundation of a better life in the future. The problem is, these activities are enjoyable right away, while the payoff for making these sacrifices is usually far enough in the distance that motivation becomes a problem.

Variability is the Future: Modeling Change in Social Psychology

By Alexander Danvers

The sheep are lose, and the sheepdogs—two players in a psychology experiment developed by researchers Michael Richardson and Patrick Nalepka—must get them back into the herd! How they solve this problem appears to be governed by a relatively simply mathematical model representing a few different state variables.

The Need for Power in Psychology

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By David Nussbaum

Two wonderful blog posts this week that you won’t want to miss if you’re interested in questions of statistical power in personality and social psychology. In the first, Simine Vazire (@siminevazire) argues that sample sizes can’t be too large:

you can’t have too large a sample.  there is no ‘double-edged sword’.  there are no downsides to a large sample.  more evidence is always better, and larger samples = more evidence.


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By Dave Nussbaum