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Getting Started
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Updating Your Profile Information at the SPSP Site



Getting Started

1. Check your information for accuracy

2. Set your privacy level

3. Set up your public profile

4. Explore

Membership Expiration

Memberships last the calendar year, from January to December. 

A work in progress

We have tested the new system carefully, but nonetheless expect there to be some problems and unexpected limitations.


If you do not wish to use this system to maintain your records, please contact the SPSP office so that your information can be entered and maintained manually.


After joining SPSP please visit the web site and update your profile. After logging in you can change your password, upload a photograph (head shot) for your profile, and enter information about yourself and your work for display on the website. (If you have any trouble logging in please use the "contact us" tool and explain your difficulties).

Step One: Edit the My Member Profile Page

You can edit your Member Profile at any time by clicking the MANAGE PROFILE tab and the Edit Bio icon. Once on the Edit My Member Profile page:

1. You can change your password (by clicking the word "change") to something you like. It must have 8 characters and a number. You can also change your user name. If you forget your user name or password you must use your registered email address to retrieve them.

2. You can check your membership status (and pay dues) by clicking the MANAGE PROFILE tab and scrolling down to the Membership icon at the bottom of the page.

3. SPSP is using this website to maintain its membership records, so it is important for you to check the accuracy of the information displayed in the data fields (e.g., work address, research areas, and background). You can modify these fields at any time.

4. You can control the information you wish to make public in your profile.

  • Some of the fields have a check box by them. They will only display on the your public profile if you check the box.

  • Some of the fields are marked as private--they will never be displayed on your public profile.

  • Other fields only display on your profile if you enter content into them. (Don't enter any content if you do not want that content displayed).

5. Important! If you opt to receive printed copies of journals, you must provide your mailing address in the fields following that choice. If you don't provide that information, no copies of journals will be sent by mail. 

Step Two: Your Profile Picture

Please click the Profile Home tab to upload a head shot for display on your profile page. You do that at the Profile Home page by clicking the "add photo" box above the generic no-photo image.

Step Three: Set Your Preferences

Click the Manage Profile tab and then click the Preferences icon. A list of check boxes will open up, letting you make choices about notifications and tools. Most of them have to do with notifications sent to your email address. Most people will probably turn these notifications off, at least initially. A few things to note:

1. Career center notification: The site lets you post job openings, and people can respond through the site if you turn on this notification.

2. Connections are similar to "friending" in Facebook--they are reciprocal network links by two agreeing parties. You can be notified by email when a member asks to link (connect) to you.

3. Group are subsets of members, usually formed for a specific purpose. For example, SPSP committees are groups within the site--all members of the working committees will be enrolled in their committee's group. You may wish to be alerted, by email, each time an event is added to your work group's itinerary.

4. The site will indicate when you are "online" and available if one of your connections wishes to "chat" (instant message) with you in the site. You can switch that feature off on this page.

5. The site provides members with a "wall," which is similar to the wall function in Facebook, which provides a running log of the member's activities. You can switch off this feature on this page.

Step Four: Content and Features

The site offers a number of tools under "Content and Features". You can upload files and images, and also build html-based webpages. You can also add links to your other areas for contact on the web. Do that by clicking Manage Profile and the Networks icon under "Content & Features". You can then add a number of popular networks, and they will appear on your profile page.

Step Five: Subscribe to the Forum

We hope to use this site to replace the existing email system, Therefore, rather than directing emails to that list, members should instead post their messages on one of the two available forums listed under the menu tab at the top of the page marked "Forums".

1. The Announcements Forum is for announcements that might interest the membership, such as recent publications (books, papers, conference proceedings, monographs, etc.), conferences, telecasts, or other relevant events, and so on. Job announcements should be posted under the Job tab.

2. The Discussion Forum is for topical discussions and questions. It replaced the spsp-discuss-l@ listserv.

3. You can read the posted questions directly on the site pages. But, if you prefer, you can have each posting emailed to you--and that will mimic the current list serve system. You can chose to have the posted messages sent to you as they are posted, or you can instead ask that they be collected and sent to you in a digest form.

4. The site has a dedicated jobs area, with a number of tools to improve the hiring process. We hope that announcements of job openings will be placed on the Jobs page, and not sent out via the Forums.

Also, please visit the online journal, Personality and Social Psychology Connections, which features short articles on disciplinary concerns, applications of social and personality psychology, and contemporary issues.


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