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The SPSP Award for Distinguished Service to the Society
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The SPSP Award for Distinguished Service to the Society, first given in 2003, recognizes distinguished service specifically to SPSP. Distinguished service may be in terms of a particular, significant activity that benefited the Society or cumulative contributions, performed over time, to the Society. The Society recognizes that service comes in many forms, and this award expresses the Society's appreciation of distinctive contributions.


One or more awards may be given annually.

Each recipient receives a $500 honorarium.


2013 Wendi Gardner, George (Al) Goethals
2012 Monica Biernat & Chris Crandall
2011 Richard Petty, Mark Snyder
2010 David Dunning
2007 Roy F. Baumeister, Dianne M. Tice
2006 Jim Blascovich
2005 Harry Reis
2004 Marilynn Brewer, Chuck Huff, Scott Plous
2003 Martin Chemers, Bibb Latané



This award honors Wendi Gardner for her many distinguished contributions to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Wendi Gardner has served the society in a number of vital ways. Beginning with her service on the SPSP Program Committee, Wendi has served on the Convention Committee, as an elected member of the Executive Committee, and as the liaison to the Committee on International Relations in Psychology. She played an especially important role in guiding the future of the annual meeting.

Wendi co-chaired the SPSP Convention Working Group, chaired the Convention Services Comparison Task Force, and has served as event planning co-liaison to our new convention organizers, FASEB. Wendi has been instrumental in the smooth operation of the convention and has helped manage a number of crises on behalf of the field. Wendi has also serves as a passionate advocate for graduate students and has been a constant source of wisdom and integrity in her service to the field.

With gratitude for her longstanding service to the society, we present Wendi Gardner with the 2013 SPSP Award for Distinguished Service to the Society.

Al Goethals does not simply study leadership, he is a leader. Al has served the profession in a variety of ways, including a highly successful term as Provost of Williams College. The Society recognizes him with the Award for Distinguished Service to the Society for his leadership as Secretary-Treasurer of SPSP during a pivotal time in the Society’s development. During his term as Secretary-Treasurer (1995-1997), Al shepherded the Society through lean financial times and helped establish a solid financial foundation for SPSP through its publications program. The Society for Personality and Social Psychology has benefited significantly over many years because of Al’s his vision, wisdom, and guidance. His service to the Society was truly transformational. This award acknowledges the contributions Al Goethals made to the Society and the legacy of the leadership he provided us.


The Society for Personality and Social Psychology is delighted to present Monica Biernat and Chris Crandall with its Award for Distinguished Service to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.While serving the field in numerous other ways, and while making important and creative research contributions that continue to add greatly to the intellectual vigor of the field, Biernat and Crandall served ably as editors of the Society’s newsletter, Dialogue, for two four-year terms from January 2001 to December 2008. Under their stewardship, Biernat and Crandall kept Society members abreast of news, developments, and events related to the Society and to the broader field of social andpersonality psychology during a time in which the activities of the Society expanded greatly. Their editorial work kept members informed about the opinions and thinking of other members, including thoughts of top scholars. It exposed members to debates about cutting-edge issues within the field. Their editorial tenure kept members informed in a lively and engaging way. Biernat and Crandall have served the Society in a number of other ways, expressing a deep commitment sense of professional responsibility and generosity of their time and effort. Monica Biernat also served SPSP in a variety of other capacities, including Division 8 Council Representative (2001-2003), member and Chair of the Convention Committee (2007-2009), and Secretary-Treasurer of the organization (2010-2012). With gratitude for their longstanding service to the society, we present Monica Biernat and Chris Crandall with the 2012 SPSP Service to the Society Award.


Mark Snyder has served the society in deep and meaningful ways, including as its President. His vision of the field integrates personality and social psychology, and has strengthened both subfields, and the society as a whole. His contributions to the leadership of the Foundation for Social and Personality Psychology have strengthened the field and are appreciated by the Society. Mark Snyder is widely recognized for his compassion, fairness, breadth of perspective, and diverse intellectual talents – all of which have benefited SPSP significantly across his many years of service. SPSP deeply appreciates his integrative vision and dedicated service to the Society.

Richard Petty has served the society in many different capacities, including as editor of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, chair of the Publications Committee, and President. With his clear vision and skillful leadership, our flagship journal has prospered. He was instrumental in forging collaborative international relationships across organizations that formed the foundation for a new journal, Social and Personality Psychology Science. The Society recognizes his deep commitment, wisdom, and integrity. His thoughtfulness, patience, and persistence have made the society stronger. His many contributions are deeply appreciated.

Nomination Instructions

Each year nominations are made by the SPSP Awards Committee.


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