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The Methodological Innovation Award
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The Methodological Innovation Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant or sustained contribution to innovative methods in social and personality psychology. The award recognizes contributions that are especially likely to generate the discovery of new hypotheses, new phenomena, or new ways of thinking about the discipline of social/personality psychology.


Any kind of innovative methodological contribution (including developments of new methods, including analytic methods; innovative applications of existing methods; and creative application of methods from other fields), regardless of the format of the contribution, can be considered as evidence for the award. Contributions by an individual could include articles, papers, book chapters, books, websites, pieces of software or hardware, symposia, or other inventions created or released and judged to be innovative.

The award can be made in recognition of a single significant contribution or a record of sustained contributions in one or several areas.

Methodological contributions may be judged innovative and generative even before they have generated substantial empirical findings. The emphasis of the award is on a contribution's conceptual innovation and potential to motivate new research and further conceptual investigation.

The recipient receives a $500 honorarium.



2013 Anthony Greenwald

2012 David Kenny




The Society for Personality and Social Psychology is pleased to award the 2013 Methodological Innovation Award to Professor Anthony Greenwald. The Implicit Association Test (IAT), which Dr. Greenwald developed with colleagues, represents a truly novel approach to measuring unconscious attitudes and prejudices, and has reinvigorated the empirical and theoretical investigation of the differences between implicit and explicit attitudes and their relationships to each other. The IAT has been used in behavioral research in education, health, law, forensics, marketing, medicine, and other fields, and of course in social and personality psychology. Greenwald’s seminal article on the IAT has been cited over 4,500 times, and his collected works on implicit cognitions have been cited over 12,000 times. The website Project Implicit which he and colleagues developed is visited by tens of thousands visitors weekly. Throughout his career Greenwald has made significant methodological contributions: the key role methodological innovation plays in advancing theory, when to use within-subject research designs, reconsideration of the null hypothesis, unconscious semantic priming, and improving student evaluations. He is one of personality and social psychology’s most rigorous scientists. Greenwald is one of the preeminent methodological innovators in the fields of personality and social psychology, and the IAT that he and his collaborators invented has created a new research area in psychology.


David Kenny is a giant among methodologists in psychology. His record of methodological innovation within social and personality psychology is unparalleled. His influential early article on mediation was followed by many other contributions. Widely admired are his sophisticated models of interpersonal perception and truth and bias in judgment. His methodological achievements include innovative research designs (such as the round robin) and analytic approaches for questions involving nonindependent data in dyads and groups. David Kenny has also applied these and other innovative approaches to answer substantive questions such as "Do people know how others view them? and "Do we know how much people like one another? He is also a master of writing clear explanations of complex techniques, both in journal articles and monographs on psychological methods. This award symbolizes the great appreciation that social and personality psychologists have for his many important contributions to methodology.

Nominations Closed

Nominations for this award have closed.  The Methodological Innovation Award will be presented at the annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference, which will take place in Long Beach, California, February 26-28, 2015.

This year’s Award Nomination Panel members are Phoebe Ellsworth (Chair), Pat Shrout, and Tony Greenwald.

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