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The Media Achievement Award
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In 2010, SPSP established media awards for high quality journalism.Two such awards were established : The Media Prize and the Media Achievement Award.

The Media Achievement Award honors a person, normally outside the SPSP community, who has a sustained and distinguished record for disseminating knowledge in personality or social psychology to the general public through popular media.

One award may be given but the Award Nomination Panel has the option of not awarding a prize annually.

The recipient receives a $500 honorarium.



2012  Claudia Hammond
2011  David Brooks
2010  Malcolm Gladwell



Claudia Hammond is the author of two excellent books (Emotional Rollercoster, Time Warped), she is a regular contributor to numerous top-flight newspapers and magazines (e.g., The Guardian, The Times, Psychologies), and she is probably best known for her work as presenter of All in the Mind and Mind Changers on BBC’s Radio 4, and Health Check on BBC’s World Service. She has won several awards and much acclaim for her coverage of humanitarian and science issues. Her books and radio programs vividly illustrate the relevance of personality and social psychology to contemporary issues. Several years ago, when asked about her aims (in an interview with Ian Florance in The Psychologist), she stated, "What I hope might happen in the future is that just as the field of economics is suddenly catching on to the decades of psychological research on decision-making, that other fields might start to do the same and to realize that there’s all this research out there which could be put into practice. Expert panels and commissions wouldn’t dream of not including an economist. I’d like to see a day when they all have a psychologist too.” The 2012 Media Achievement award recognizes her long-standing, high-quality work in bringing us closer to that day.


David Brooks has been selected to receive the 2011 Media Achievement Award in recognition of his sustained and distinguished record for disseminating knowledge in personality or social psychology to the general public through his insightful articles, columns, and books. David Brooks’ writings, which are read by an enormous audience, are well known for their thoughtfulness, depth and their ability to convey complexity with great clarity. By integrating research findings into his work, Brooks showcases the relevance of social and personality psychology to many of the issues that dominate current affairs. In doing so, his articles, columns, and books, continue to improve public understanding of research and enhance the field’s standing in the broader community.

Nominations Closed

Nominations for this award have closed.  The Media Achievement Award will be presented at the annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference, which will take place in Long Beach, California, February 26-28, 2015.

This year’s Award Nomination Panel for the 2014 Media Acheivement Award is Tom Gilovich (Chair), Jamil Zaki, Jon Haidt, and Matt Lieberman.



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