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The Media Prize
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Award Description

Past Recipients

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Nomination Instructions (Deadline: May 15, 2014)

In 2010, SPSP established media awards for high quality journalism. Two such awards were established: The Media Prize for the single best article of the year and the Media Achievement Award for a journalist who has consistently written excellent articles about our research over time. These awards are funded by SPSP.

The Media Prize recognizes a person, normally outside the SPSP community, providing the best piece in popular media that represents the contributions of personality or social psychology to the general public in a given calendar year.

The intention and decision is to have "piece" be broadly defined. This is the reason that "paper," article", or "publication" was not used in the award description. It is totally consistent to interpret a ‘piece' as a TV series or blog post, etc. Given the diversity of media today, it is hard to have a single work cover everything. The Media Prize should be distinguished from the cumulative aspect of the Media Achievement Award.

One award may be given, but may have several contributors. The Award Nomination Panel has the option of not awarding a prize annually.

The recipient receives a $500 honorarium.



2012  Benjamin Le, Gary Lewandowski, Timothy Loving, founders of the Science of

2011  Jon Hanson and Michael McCann, for their contribution through the Situationist blog




Founded and administered by Benjamin Le, Gary Lewandowski, and Timothy Loving, Science of provides informative, engaging, and interesting coverage of important research on the topic of relationships. The general public voraciously consumes popular books and advice columns about relationships, but has had very little access to scientific perspectives on the topic. Science of fills that gap by featuring work published in the major journals of personality and social psychology, providing an important platform for researchers to speak directly to a general audience. This non-profit site haspublished several hundred articles about relationships and has a high level of Internet traffic, with over 1,000 people visiting the site each day. The 2012 Media Prize recognizes the major contribution the site has made to informing broader audiences about the important work being done by social and personality psychologists on the science of relationships.



Jon Hanson and Michael McCann have been selected to receive the 2011 Media Prize in recognition of their outstanding work in promoting personality and social psychology research to the general public via The Situationist blog. The Situationist blog provides a forum for a broad range of researchers in the social sciences to present and discuss empirical research that can inform widely held assumptions and intuitions. The blog provides a vehicle for the bloggers, many of whom are social and personality researchers, to broadcast their ideas well beyond academic audiences. By focusing on topics that are current and material that is accessible, the Situationist has become a widely read and trusted source of information about psychological research and highly effective means for promoting the significance of the science to the broader population.

Nomination Instructions


The Media Prize will recognize a person, normally outside the SPSP community, providing the best popular media piece or collection of pieces in the 2013 calendar year that conveys the contributions of personality or social psychology to the general public.

The intention is to have a broad and flexible definition of "piece”. This is the reason that "paper," article", or "publication" is not used in the Prize description. In addition to a written published piece, column, etc., a ‘piece’ can also be a radio series, regular TV segments, and blog posts, etc.  Given the diversity of media today, it is hard to have a single work cover everything. Much more work is now being done to publicize our science in various media providing enormous amounts of information about our field to the general public.
One award may be given, but may have several contributors. The Panel is not obligated to award this prize annually.

The Media Prize is not to be confused with the Media Achievement Award.  The Media Prize is for a set of work or single pieces in a given year.  The Media Achievement Award reflects a long-term record of contributions over time.

Nomination Process:

  • Individuals may self-nominate or be nominated by others. 
  • The Award Nomination Panel also reserves the right to nominate potential recipients for this award. 
  • Nominations can be very brief. Please email the Panel with the name of the nominee along with a few URL links or other electronic pointers to their work, and a few sentences about why you think they might be good candidates for recognition by SPSP.
  • Submit the nomination information electronically to
  • Designate that the nomination is for the 2014 Media Prize. 

The submission deadline is May 15, 2014.

The recipient will receive a $500 honorarium, a plaque, registration compensation, primary mode of travel coverage pluse one $75 supplement to cover travel incidentals, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights of the convention at a SPSP designated hotel.

Recipients may decline the honorarium, if accepting it would present a professional conflict of interest or is against their employer's policy.   

This 2014 Prize will be presented at the annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference, which will take place in Long Beach, California, February 26-28, 2015.

This year’s Award Nomination Panel for the 2014 Media Acheivement Award is Tom Gilovich (Chair), Jamil Zaki, Jon Haidt, and Matt Lieberman.

Questions can be directed to the Chair at

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