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Division 8 Sponsored APA Programs 2012
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The Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association will be held in Orlando, Florida, August 2-5. The Society for Personality and Social Psychology (Division 8 of APA) is sponsoring a wide range of symposia, invited addresses, poster sessions, awards, and a social hour. The SPSP Program is listed below, along with list of all poster presentations.

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Thursday, 10-10:50


Evolutionary Approaches to Person Perception: Managing Perceived Threats in Everyday Social Life

Chair: Catherine Cottrell

Speakers: Jennifer Leo, Corey L. Cook, & Steve Newell


Thursday, 10-10:50

Invited Address

(Div 2)

Teaching About Teaching: How Should Universities Prepare Graduate Students to Teach?

Amy Buddie


Thursday, 11-11:50

Invited Address

Beyond Positive Psychology?

Jim McNulty


Thursday, 12-12:50

Poster Session I

West Hall A4-B3

Thursday, 1-1:50

Invited Address

Attachment Processes and Emotion Regulation in Adult Relationships

Paula Pietromonaco


Thursday, 1-1:50


(Div 5)

Toward a More Rigorous Explication of the Relation between Correlation and Causality

Speakers: Chris Martin, Richard Marken

& Christopher Hertzog.


Thursday, 2-2:50


Identity, Motivation, and Bias against Sexual Minorities

David M. Buck, Kate Zielaskowski, & Corey Cook


Thursday, 3-3:50

Invited Address

Racial bias in perceptions of others' pain

Sophie Trawalter


Friday, 9-10:50

Invited Symposium

Sources of Accuracy and Error in Social Judgment

David Dunning, Joyce Ehrlinger, John Chambers, & SimineVazire.


Friday, 11-11:50

Invited Address

Evolutionary Psychology Redux: An Adaptationist Paradigm for the 21st Century

Jon Maner


Friday, 12-12:50

Poster Session II

West Hall A4-B3

Friday, 1-1:50

Poster Session III

West Hall A4-B3

Friday, 4-4:50

Murray Award Address

Harry and Rosie: Lives of "Sanguine Surplus” and Traces of Desire Scribbled on both sides of death’s door

Michelle Fine


Friday, 4:00

Award Ceremony and Reception

Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award Ceremony and Reception honoring Ed Diener


Friday, 6-7:50

Social Hour

(co-sponsor Div 9)

Peabody Celebration Rm 6

Saturday, 10-10:50

Invited Address

Pockets of Egalitarianism (or Prejudice)

Stacey Sinclair


Saturday, 11-11:50

Invited Address

Communicating stereotypes: Judgment and self-image consequences

Monica Biernat


Saturday, 12-12:50

Invited Address

A Life without Lies: How Living Honestly Can Affect Health

Anita Kelly


Saturday, 1-1:50

Presidential Address

Using Stereotypes to Unify Depression and Prejudice: The Deprejudice Perspective

Patricia Devine


Saturday, 1-1:50

Symposium talk

(Div 12)

Effective relationship maintenance is not a skill but a capacity

Benjamin Karney


Saturday 2-2:50

Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award

The Future of Subjective Well-Being Research

Ed Diener


Saturday 2-2:50

Div 35 Presidential Address

Gender and Emotion: What We Think We Know, What We Need to Know, and Why it Matters

Stephanie A. Shields

Peabody Grand Ballroom U

Saturday 2-3:50

EMPathy Symposium (APF)

APF Spielberger Empathy Symposium

PiotrWinkielman and representatives from Div 3 and 12


Saturday 3-3:50

Master Lecturer

Pursuing Self-Esteem: Ineffective and Effective Strategies

Jenny Crocker


Saturday 3-3:50

Invited Address(Div 35)

The New ‘Neurosexism’? Why Neuroscience Needs Neurofeminism

Cordelia Fine

Peabody Grand Ballroom U

Saturday 4-4:50

Plenary Session

What Role Will Race Play in the 2012 Presidential Election?

Anthony G. Greenwald

W206B & C

Sunday, 10-10:50

Invited Address

The Narcissism Epidemic

Keith Campbell


Sunday, 11-11:50

Invited Address

Calculated Ignorance

James Shepperd


Sunday, 12-1:50


Helping Youth Thrive:

Making the Case That Gratitude Matter

Lan Chaplin, Jeffrey Froh, Nathaniel Lambert, & Giacomo Bono


Please note: Schedule and location information are subject to change. The APA Convention program and supplement will contain the final schedule. However, the content of the program should not change.


Division 8 Poster Sessions: First Authors and Poster Titles

Poster Session I

8/02 Thu: 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM : Convention Center, West Hall A4-B3

Participant/1stAuthor: Holly K. Hale, MA

Title: Predictors of Self-Reported Benefits Among World of Warcraft Players

Participant/1stAuthor: Abira Reizer, PhD

Title: Living at Risk: Dyadic Examination of the Links Among Stress, Attachment, and Marital Support

Participant/1stAuthor: Catherine J. Lutz-Zois, PhD

Title: Examination of Gender Differences in the Construct Validity of the Silencing the Self Scale

Participant/1stAuthor: Jessica J. Good, PhD

Title: Precarious Manhood and Precarious Romantic Relationship Perceptions

Participant/1stAuthor: Gregory V. Mallis, MA

Title: Physical Affection Matching and Relationship Satisfaction

Participant/1stAuthor: Cheng-Hong Liu, PhD

Title: Incongruity Between Argument Compatibility and Argument Quality Causes Extensive Compromising Processing

Participant/1stAuthor: Brock J. Criger, MS

Title: Attitudes Toward Germline Engineering

Participant/1stAuthor: Kathleen A. Breslin, MA

Title: Effect of Apology on Interpersonal Forgiveness and Interactions Within Familial Relationships

Participant/1stAuthor: Grace A. White, PhD

Title: Implications of Relationship Social Comparison Tendencies Among Dating and Married Individuals

Participant/1stAuthor: Kimberly D. Smith, MS

Title: Correlates Between Adult Romantic Attachment and Borderline Personality Disorder

Participant/1stAuthor: Annie K. Steele, BA

Title: Online Feels Better: Reactivity to Social Evaluative Feedback Face-to-Face and on Facebook

Participant/1stAuthor: Courtney Smith, BS

Title: Conversations About Drinking: College Student Perceptions of Personal and Peer Drinking Behavior

Participant/1stAuthor: Lisa M. Bohon, PhD

Title: Public Service Announcements, the Theory of Planned Behavior, and Seeking Mental Health Services

Participant/1stAuthor: Xian Zhao, BA

Title: Evaluative Conditioning: The Role of Display Duration, Valence Intensity, and Contingency Awareness

Participant/1stAuthor: Nikki J. Clauss, AA

Title: Role of Gender and Age on Six Types of Aggression in a Community Sample

Participant/1stAuthor: Christopher D. Sharpe, BS

Title: Ibully: The Impact of Gender of Bully and Victim on Perception of Cyberbullying and Its Consequences

Participant/1stAuthor: Cynthia R. Lindsey, PsyD

Title: Exploring Personality and Social Foci in the Integrative Model of Motivation and Commitment

Participant/1stAuthor: Cheray M. Harris, BA

Title: A Longitudinal Investigation of Gratitude and Depression in Adolescents

Participant/1stAuthor: Astrid de Leeuw, MA

Title: Person’s Beliefs Conflict and the Intention to Buy Fair-Trade Products

Participant/1stAuthor: Pierre Valois, PhD

Title: Intentions to Keep a Current Close Relationship Ongoing: Theories of Planned Behavior and Attachment

Participant/1stAuthor: Gregory E. Nawalanic, MA

Title: Effect of Attachment Style on Young Adults' Sexting and Explicit Social Networking Behaviors

Participant/1stAuthor: Kristian M. Veit, PhD

Title: Examining Connections Between Virtual Networking and Connectedness in University Students

Participant/1stAuthor: Yoshitaro Oba, MS

Title: Influence of Adult Attachment on State Self-Esteem During Speaking Tasks

Participant/1stAuthor: Jenni L. Schelble, MA

Title: Facebook or Books? Student Leisure Activities Linked to Personality, Cognition, and Need for Cognition

Participant/1stAuthor: Diann S. Eley, PhD, MS

Title: Why Did I Become a Nurse? Personality Traits and Reasons for Entering Nursing

Participant/1stAuthor: Kurt Wurthmann, PhD

Title: Individual Beliefs About the Importance of Ethics in Business and Moral Awareness

Participant/1stAuthor: Genevieve Laberge, BA

Title: Correlates of Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviors in Young Adults

Participant/1stAuthor: Chelsea L. Lamb

Title: Romantic Chemistry and Passion: Is There a Difference?

Participant/1stAuthor: SaiGe, BS

Title: Influence of Vocal and Facial Attractiveness on Individual’s Attractiveness

Participant/1stAuthor: Yin Huang, MA

Title: Cognitive Change and Judgment Basis of Bribery Among Children and Teenagers of Different Ages

Participant/1stAuthor: Justin A. Wellman, PhD

Title: Accessible Armor: How Self-Esteem Protects Targets From the Immediate Mood Effects of Ostracism

Participant/1stAuthor: Mark H. Davis, PhD

Title: Perspective Taking, Inference Strategies, and Realistic Targets

Participant/1stAuthor: David R. Kille, BA

Title: Wanting What You Don’t Have: Physical Instability Increases Preference for Stability-Related Agents

Poster Session II

8/03 Fri: 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM Convention Center, West Hall A4-B3

Participant/1stAuthor: Jacob Israelashvili, MA

Title: Perspective Taking in a Biasless Situation: When You Understand You Don't Know Who the Other Is

Participant/1stAuthor: A. Timothy Church, PhD

Title: Need Satisfaction and Well-Being: Testing Self-Determination Theory in Eight Cultures

Participant/1stAuthor: Adisa T. Anderson, BA

Title: Cultural Differences in Implicit Theories and Self-Perceptions of Traitedness

Participant/1stAuthor: Sarah E. Ainsworth, MS

Title: Ego Depletion Decreases Trust in Economic Decision Making

Participant/1stAuthor: Rui Sun, BS

Title: How Do Emotional States Affect Memory of Self and Close Others?

Participant/1stAuthor: Jessica L. Cascio, MS

Title: Sex Differences in Social Contagion Concerns

Participant/1stAuthor: Joel R. Anderson, BA

Title: Exploring Explicit and Implicit Homophobia in Australian Males

Participant/1stAuthor: Adem F. Aydogan, BS

Title: Appraisals, Anxiety, and Avoidance: A Correlational Study Investigating the Application of the Stress and Coping Framework to Intergroup Interactions

Participant/1stAuthor: Matthias S. Gobel, MA

Title: Signaling Identity: Cultural Differences in Estimating a Person’s Social Status and Personality

Participant/1stAuthor: Kurt Wurthmann, PhD

Title: Linking Group Entitativity to Collective Blame Through Group Trait Stereotypes

Participant/1stAuthor: Jonathan R. Weaver, MA

Title: Do We Overestimate That Which We Fear? Perceptions of Group Threat and Estimates of Group Prevalence

Participant/1stAuthor: Kenneth S. Michniewicz, MA

Title: Men’s (Mis)perceptions of the Stigma of Unemployment

Participant/1stAuthor: Tony X. Tan, EdD

Title: Chinese Adoptees’ Behavioral Adjustment and Academic Functioning in Adolescence

Participant/1stAuthor: Richard G. Keen, PhD

Title: Effects of Priming on Gender Career Stereotypes

Participant/1stAuthor: Donna L. Tadle, BS

Title: The In-Group Advantage in Detection of Paternal Investment Through Facial Cues

Participant/1stAuthor: Carlos O. Garrido, BA

Title: Bystander Sexism: The Vicarious Effects of Witnessing Benevolent Sexism on Ego Depletion

Participant/1stAuthor: Emily W. Shih, BS

Title: Effects of Gender and Media on Reading Facial Cues for Paternal Investment

Participant/1stAuthor: Maria Parmley, PhD

Title: Identifying American and Chinese Facial Expressions: Sex of the Face Can Make a Difference

Participant/1stAuthor: Sandra K. Webster, PhD

Title: The Dominance Dimension of Emotion: Agency Tangled With Outcome

Participant/1stAuthor: Juvia P. Heuchert, PhD

Title: The Profile of Mood States--2nd Edition: Standardization and Psychometrics

Participant/1stAuthor: Amy E. Sickel, PhD

Title: Mental Health Stigma, Treatment-Seeking, and Physical Health: Model Test

Participant/1stAuthor: Josée LeBlanc, BA

Title: Evaluating Court Cases: Do Prejudice and Justice Judgments Vary As a Function of Bias Suppression?

Participant/1stAuthor: Mark E. Aveyard, PhD

Title: Deportation Threats Influence the Degree of Bicultural Behavior Among Expatriate Residents

Participant/1stAuthor: Xian Zhao, BA

Title: Perspective Taking and Perception of Intergroup Conflicts

Participant/1stAuthor: Pinar Çelik, MA

Title: To Be Disrespected or to Be Disliked: Competence and Warmth Form a Fundamental Distinction in Unders

Participant/1stAuthor: Allison DiBianca Fasoli, MA

Title: How Conservative Christians Perceive the Morality of Helping: Is It Different Than Liberals?

Participant/1stAuthor: Laura M. Graves O'Haver, MA

Title: Shyness Differentially Relates to Accuracy of Facial Expression Recognition

Participant/1stAuthor: Mark H. Davis, PhD

Title: The Geography of Moral Regard

Participant/1stAuthor: Alex M. Borgella, BA

Title: Role of Music Listening Preferences in Homophobic and Conservative Ideologies

Participant/1stAuthor: Raquel R. Amram, BA

Title: Prevalence and Predictors of Academic Dishonesty in Religious Undergraduates

Participant/1stAuthor: Alyssa F. Fowers

Title: We Are (All?) Duke Students: The Stereotype Content Model at the Community Level

Participant/1stAuthor: Eric D. Deemer, PhD

Title: Interactive Effects of Stereotype Threat, Communal Goals, and Gender Identity on Women in STEM

Participant/1stAuthor: Samantha M. Staab, AA

Title: Gender Differences in Mate Selection Preferences Based on Levels of Involvement

Participant/1stAuthor: Asia A. Eaton, PhD

Title: Entrepreneur Gender and Business Size and Growth: Why Do Women Have Smaller Businesses Than Men?

Participant/1stAuthor: Jessica A. Dunn

Title: Victim Blame: Effects of Belief in a Just World and Group Status of Perpetrators and Victims

Participant/1stAuthor: Dawn M. Brown, BA

Title: Fear of Missing Out: When and Why

Poster Session III

8/03 Fri: 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM: Convention Center, West Hall A4-B3

Participant/1stAuthor: Danilo Garcia, PhD

Title: Intensity Versus Frequency: Personality and the Affective Component of Subjective Well-Being

Participant/1stAuthor: Leigh E. Ridings, MA

Title: Explaining the Link Between Secondary Psychopathy and Alexithymia

Participant/1stAuthor: Shari D. Chernauskas-Beecher, MA, BS

Title: Aggression Magnet: Is an Aggressive Nature Drawn to Aggressive Video Games?

Participant/1stAuthor: Rebecca L. Rupell, MA, BA

Title: The Multidimensional Self-Esteem Inventory--Spanish Language Version

Participant/1stAuthor: Michael P. McCreery, PhD

Title: Psychology of Embodiment: Personality, Behavior, and the Virtual Self

Participant/1stAuthor: Andrea F. Ycaza, PsyD

Title: Are People With Less Favorable Personality Characteristics More Aware of Death? An Extension of TMT

Participant/1stAuthor: Danielle W. Casey, BA

Title: Narcissism, Debates, and Status Updates: Exploring Trends Among Facebook Users

Participant/1stAuthor: Praneet Grewal, MA, BA

Title: Parenting As a Cause of Borderline Personality Disorder

Participant/1stAuthor: Makoto Hirakawa, BA

Title: Why Do People Make Requests Indirectly?

Participant/1stAuthor: Joao P. Oliveira, PhD

Title: Personality Traits As Predictors of Aggression: A Combined Five-Factor Model and Interpersonal Circumplex Conceptual Framework

Participant/1stAuthor: Laura M. Graves O'Haver, MA

Participant/1stAuthor: Melissa A. Falkenstern, BS

Title: Extraversion, Resilience, and Satisfaction With Life

Participant/1stAuthor: Siyuan Yin, MD, BS

Title: Moral Judgment in the Eyes of Machiavellianism

Participant/1stAuthor: Yuan-Hsuan Lee, PhD

Title: A Latent Profile Analysis of Self-Control and Self-Esteem in Junior High School Students in Taiwan

Participant/1stAuthor: Xiaocen Liu, PhD

Title: Explicit and Implicit Self-Enhancement As Functions of Interpersonal Contexts

Participant/1stAuthor: Joshua A. Wilt, MS, MA

Title: Structure of Maladaptive Personality Characteristics and Interpersonal Problems

Participant/1stAuthor: Donna K. McMillan, PhD

Title: Extraversion and Extreme Responses to Positive and Neutral Stimuli

Participant/1stAuthor: Gabriela S. Blum, MA

Title: Nonlinear Person and Situation Effects on Behavior

Participant/1stAuthor: Diann S. Eley, PhD, MS

Title: Personality Traits of Australian Medical and Nursing Students: Does Self-Transcendence Differ?

Participant/1stAuthor: Stevan L. Nielsen, PhD

Title: Multitrait-Multimethod Investigation of Rorschach Signs of Dependency, Self-Esteem, and Narcissism

Participant/1stAuthor: Christina L. Wilson, MS

Title: Implicit Person Theory: An Empirical Test of Assumptions

Participant/1stAuthor: Piera M. Triolo

Title: Variables Effecting Implicit Person Theory Means: A Meta-Analysis

Participant/1stAuthor: Pui San Tse, MA

Title: Social Class and Career Values of Self-Defining and Socially Defined Men

Participant/1stAuthor: Chang Su, PhD

Title: Perfectionism, Educational Stress, and Academic Burnout in Chinese Adolescents

Participant/1stAuthor: Kristi D. Beaber

Title: A Multimethod Validational Study of the Psychopathy Q-Sort Scale

Participant/1stAuthor: Christopher O. Walker, PhD

Title: Social Achievement Goals and Personality As Predictors of Dispositional Forgiveness

Participant/1stAuthor: Sungok Serena Shim, PhD

Title: Perfectionism and Social Goals: What Do Perfectionists Want to Achieve in Social Situations?

Participant/1stAuthor: Benjamin D. Traughber

Title: Getting Your Mind Right: Positive Mental Control As a Happiness-Enhancement Strategy

Participant/1stAuthor: Laura M. Cohen, BS

Title: A Qualitative Investigation of Constitutive and Instrumental Orientations to Personal Goals

Participant/1stAuthor: Danielle R. Ruscio, AA

Title: Gratitude and Life Satisfaction in Youth

Participant/1stAuthor: Kristian M. Veit, PhD

Title: Using Self and Other Perspectives to Understand Personality and Stress

Participant/1stAuthor: Kerstin E.E. Schroder, PhD, MA

Title: Coping Competence and Stress Resilience: A Validation Study

Participant/1stAuthor: Yan Wang, PhD

Title: Sensation Seeking Style, Internet Dependency, and Academic Burnout Among Shanghai Undergraduates

Participant/1stAuthor: Farshideh Kazemi, PhD

Title: Psychological Well-Being, General Health, and Dispositional Optimism in Iranian Youth and Adults


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