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SPSP Matching Campaign

Better Together: SPSP Matching Grant


Feature ImageWe are better together.  I am sure of it.

A good illustration is how SPSP—with its strong efforts in education and training, publication, and advocacy—has bettered the professional lives of its members and how, in turn, its members have always worked to better the organization.

As a result, SPSP is now one of the world’s elite psychology-based societies, operating successfully to advance the behavioral sciences in sometimes difficult circumstances. I believe we need to ensure that SPSP remains a strong force in this respect.

Last fall when we read that SPSP was striving to build endowments to protect certain of its crucial professional priorities, my wife, Bobette, and I knew we wanted to help.

We would like to facilitate your help, as well, by doubling the effect of a donation you make to any of these five endowments: SPSP Summer Institute (SISPP), Diversity Fund, Graduate Travel Awards, Heritage Dissertation Awards, and the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research. You can read more about each of these endowments.

With a $25,000 matching grant, Bobette and I will match up to $5,000 provided by SPSP members in 2017 to each of the five endowments. Your $100 donation will become $200 and your $500 donation will become $1,000.

Please consider donating today to support SPSP’s impact in these truly worthy domains.


Bob Cialdini

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